Goal check

My quilting goals for this year include things like - 

1. Charity quilts: 10 quilts per month for our organization - Fundacja Opoka.

Where am I? I should have 30 almost done but I don't.

I've finished 10 and have the next 10 in progress.  (I got kinda behind when I focused on scraps in Feb/March.)

2. 2" strips quilts -  21 more  for the year

I've finished 6 tops and written up those patterns.  I'm okay on that goal

3. Scrubs fabrics quilts - I wanted to use up a tub of scrubs fabrics each month til they are mostly used up.


I've made 4 tops this year and not used up 1/2 of one tub.  That goal is rather ambitious. It's crazy in fact.  I'll probably revise it to 2 tops a month.  I'm trying to make these quick and easy.

4. 2.5" strips quilts -  6 this year

Nothing yet.  My problem here is that there are books and books using "Jelly Rolls" - so my motivation is limited here - but I have 4+ bags of strips, so I need to get busy using them. I will spend some time searching the 'net, though for patterns that will work with what I have and what I like.

5. Floral quilts -  10 quilts this year

None yet

6. Upcycled quilts - Finish at least 5

So far I have "finished" 2 - Double Nines and Monkey Wrench Fun and made a top that falls into this category but also the 2" strips category - Book Stacks.  I have one top made in '16 left to quilt  - A Nod to Mod. Still need to finish quilting 3 quilts in this category.




7. Get control of my scraps -  This, being interpreted is - cut them all up so that I no longer have bags and boxes of scraps sitting around waiting to be processed.

So far, so good. I've cut up lots of them. You will see a "strips report" at the end of this month and it reflects this focus in February/March.  I hope to reach this goal by the end of April and be completely caught up on cutting up all the misc. scraps and pieces sitting around. Of course, I say that, and then I create more, but hopefully never again like before!

So, you can see, I have a ways to go with my goals.  They are all "just goals", however, and not a matter of life and death. I like to have something to aim for when I go into the room to sew.

So, wherever this post finds you reading, I trust you have a wonderful day!






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