"Blades of Color"

Number 48 in my series of using up 2" strips is finished.  OK, OK, to tell you the truth, it was finished in February. So why didn't I show it? well, there are two reasons. One is that I'm actually making a set of three somewhat similar ones and wanted to show them sorta close together.  The other reason was that writing up how to make it...I knew it would be more complicated than anything I have done so far. So, I procrastinated. And procrastinated.

Some of you were helping me choose a name yesterday on my Facebook group (Becky Quilts in the Old Country) . When one lady suggested Blades of Color, not even having seen it all, I jumped at it. There are several other names I loved, however, and will definitely keep them in mind as I work on other patterns/tops.

I did get the pattern written up (whew)   As you can see, while this one does have a lot of 2" strips in it, there are several other sizes as well - I used 6" squares and some strips of 5", both off white and color.  I was actually going through my scraps while making this top, so I just dug out of the piles of "to be chopped up" pieces. It was really quite convenient in fact.

I was showing my family members this--(I was trying to get name suggestions, but we came up blank) that I thought this looked like PacMan...with an open mouth eating the squares. My sister thought the other part looked like Ceiling Fan blades. Can you imagine a quilt with the name of Ceiling fans and PacMan?  I couldn't either.

And this is the basic building block of this quilt ....I'm actually working on two more quilts that use it.  My goal there is to show what color can do to completely change the look.  A topic for another day.

I'll be posting those two before too long (hopefully within  a couple of weeks).

Anyway, happy sewing today!

While you are here, feel free to look around and see what my sister has for you!

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