"Posing Posies"

Number 47 in my series of quilts using 2" strips is finished.  The top that is.

When I was going through my scraps, I realized I had lots and lots more of those off white and various creams and very lights.  Many of the pieces were just smallish pieces that were a nuisance to try to keep and sort, so I trimmed them into strips as I sorted (which I did a lot of earlier in March).

I know some people seem to never have enough lights in their scraps, whereas I seem to have too many. 

So I made yet another top using primarily lights.  I could have gone with blue instead of reds and called them Forget-Me-Nots but I thought red would stand out better against the variety of shades of whites/creams, off whites, and tans. So, I just called them "Posies". 

It's really quite a simple block, though it does call for partial piecing.

I took many pictures and put it all in the pattern , so never fear - it is actually quite easy, once you get the hang of it.

I trust you can use this idea - to make a classy, but simple quilt!  This one is really simple - no sashing, no cornerstones - only "an on point" layout makes it a little more complicated than a simple horizontal quilt.

The pattern is available as a free download here.

Have a wonderful day wherever this post finds you reading!



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