Cultural: Small things, part 6

Small sizes of common food items

At first I had a hard time getting used to the smaller sizes of common items as sold here.

Our most common items that we use daily such as eggs, sugar, milk, etc. come in smaller packages than we are normally used to purchasing in the USA.

Eggs come in a 10 pack.

Milk is sold by the liter.

Sugar is sold by the kilogram (2.2 lbs.).

Vanilla sugar (use like vanilla flavoring) and baking powder are bought by the little packet. The really small glass containers are almond flavoring and lemon flavoring.

You learn to pick up more than one of the items you need - so that when I need baking powder, I buy 10 of those little packets, open them up and dump them into a Tupperware container so that I am set for a few baking sessions.  

Most Polish recipes use grams, but most of my cakes are made from USA based recipes and use teaspoon and tablespoon measurements, so I prefer putting it all in a container and measuring from that.

When I need milk, i don't just buy one liter - I buy 5 or 6 liters. This type of milk is UHT, which means it will be just fine on the shelf for quite a while. But even the fresh milk is sold by the liter - either in bottles, or it used to be sold in plastic bags (!)

This is just a tidbit of our culture - but it affects our everyday life.

Have a wonderful day!

This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.  Psalm 118:24

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