In progress - Double Irish Chain

I'm trying to use up those scraps from Warp and Weft - do you remember that beautiful Hoffman floral fabric?  I cut up all the remaining fabric after I finished that top into 1.5" and 2" strips. I am planning on incorporating the 1.5" strips into a floral log cabin and decided to use what 2" strips I had for a Double Irish chain.

The biggest problem I had is that I really don't know how much I actually have. I weighed my strips and I had only about 800 grams of 2" strips - and all of that isn't usable. That might "only" be about 3 yards of fabric.- I am not sure, really. 

So, I'm working on this Double Irish Chain in a really strange way.  I am making it in groups of odd rows. IOW, I started by making about 10 of each block - Double Irish is made up of 2 blocks. I then made a 3x5 layout, and then made more blocks, added them to one side until it was a 5x5 layout, etc.  I keep going back and forth making blocks and increasing the size of my top. At the moment, I am at a 7x9 layout and hoping to add another two rows to the side to make it a 9x9 layout. Soon it will be a twin size.

I am using three fabrics.

The only fabric I am short of is the floral - so when I run out of it, I will stop making blocks and call the quilt top done. I am glad to be close to a twin size now.  I say "short of" because I tend to aim for queen size quilts.  However, I don't think this one will get that big, but once I get it to a decent twin size, I'll feel a sigh of relief that at least it can be a bed size quilt.

One thing I am pleased with is that even though the pieces are small, they are showing the print "okay".  I was kind of worried that cutting this beautiful floral into such small pieces would more or less "ruin it", but it isn't.

Have a happy quilting day and check back often to see what is happening over here with Becky's quilting in Poland!

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