I did manage to finish this top after making almost every single mistake I could while working on it.

It is a rather simple top. I like it, though, and I know that I will love it after it is quilted.

Because the pattern would actually work for any novelty fabric where the images are long and skinny - or if you have cut up pieces, like I did (these are pieces of scrubs that were included with some fabric  my sister and I purchased - pretty much in these same long and skinny shapes).

The pieces I was working with looked like this.  In fact, these are a little bit wider than the ones I used. 

You can see the width because I put a ruler up next to the piece I have here. I have to trim them down, as there are selvages including all those little holes in it.

The pattern is here.

Have a great day!

Becky Petersen7 Comments