What do with the horses?

The plan...and how it works for me...

 I have this fabric - and I had a plan, but I've changed it. 

Here's the fabric - these are some more scrubs pieces, by the way - 

I really like the fabric - it's beautiful.  I decided to keep the horses big, so here was the first plan.


I started by putting some black strips on those long thin blocks.  Then, I decided that 7 in a row is just "too much of a good thing."


I've now decided on this plan.  Well, the actual layout of the bargello type blocks will probably be tweaked.

Did I mention, I really like the Electric Quilt program?

I also just wanted to show that if you don't like how a quilt is turning out - change it. It's your idea/your plan/your fabric. Make it work for you.

Hopefully I'll get this one done soon and show you "the real top" - because for now it's just a plan!

And while you are here, feel free to look around the site!

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