Gifts in the mail!

A couple of weeks ago now, I had a chat with a lady I "met" through a Facebook group.  It turns out she lives in Northwest Territory, Canada.  That is a long ways from us here in Poland, but we chatted and chatted. It turns out she is a Christian as well as I am, and she wanted to give me some fabric to help with our charity work here. 

It told her that was sweet, but it would be very expensive and that she didn't need to do that. She said she wanted to - really and truly. She said she used to own a quilt shop so she would look through her goodies and see what she could send me.

So, I told her the kinds of things I have less of, and gave her my address.  I had kind of mostly forgotten about it, in my quest to get my scraps all cleaned up when I saw the Post Office truck pull in front of our gate today. I knew that my husband was outside working, so he would get whatever it was from the mailman.

He brought the box in and said, "Now you can tell her the box came!"  (He was talking about Rita, the lady from the NWT.) I was very busy cutting and chopping and sorting at the dining room table. I went into full swing today with the Sizzix.  I didn't even stop to check out what I got until after lunch.

Here is what I received today!  What a blessing!

Thread, patterns, fabric, a magnet, pad of paper and a letter.  It was wonderful!

Thread, patterns, fabric, a magnet, pad of paper and a letter.  It was wonderful!

I can't wait to dig into the patterns - and play with the fabric!  But I just wanted to share this blessing with you!

Close(r) ups:

and....the fabric.  I love it!

Thanks again, Rita!  I will do my best to use it soon for some upcoming charity quilts!

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