Spreading the love

Yesterday I was bringing a lady to church when she asked me if I still had some quilts to give away (little does she know!).  I wasn't sure I understood correctly, so I asked her for clarification. It turned out that the place where she lives (sort of like a senior center/geriatric center --do they ever call them that these days?) took her blanket to wash and hasn't given it back, so was asking me if I had one I could give her.

Of course, the answer is  yes!  For some people, I can not do enough - and especially if they fall into the category of "no living family", as she does.  I brought down four for her to choose from, and this is the one she chose.

And the biblical verse came to mind once again, "It is more blessed to give than to receive".  

Here's a complete picture of her quilt. The top was made by a guild in Jacksonville, FL. I only added the borders in order to make it big enough for a European twin size.


It was fun to give this one away and it spurred me on to try to finish up these scraps so that I can get on with my sewing - both charity quilting and other.  

I've been on a little hiatus from much sewing/quilting while trying to get rid of boxes and bags and bags of scraps - dealing with them - after years of neglect.  

Catch you later. Have a great day!


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