"DNA Wrap"

Number 45 in this series uses 1.5", 2" and 2.5" strips.  I incorporated my recent experience with bargello quilts in trying to get a 3D look (the wave) in it.

Here are a couple more picture.

Layout of this one was tricky   I tried not to get similar colors too close together, but sometimes, even though I always try...I still don't manage to "see everything" until it is all sewn together!

I'd never done a border quite like this before!

I have the backing picked out but need to sandwich it and get it ready for quilting.

The pattern is uploaded and is in the files section!

Oh...one more thing...before I go.  I was showing this to my family members who were helping me decide on a name, and one of them mentioned it looked like spaghetti and meatballs. I drew up a couple of versions for you to show you how different it would look in various colors.


I like that first one, but decided that meatballs are usually sitting in a tomato sauce....so here's this one:


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