Cultural: Winter in Poland

This year we've had just over a month of real winter!  Yep. We've had cold weather, snow and more cold weather and a tad bit of snow. As I write this, it is snowing - not a blizzard by any means, but a light snow.  There is no risk of being blinded while you drive, but it is white, and looks like winter!


The last few years we've been here, we've hardly had a winter at all. While my friends in the states were all posting about record snowfalls, huge blizzards and such, we had record warm weather - almost no winter at all.

This year we've had snow on the ground since January 2, when my husband left to go teach in Turkey and then farther east, in a "stan" country.  Winter breaks are in full swing here in Poland - kids get two weeks off and the entire country is split into regions so the ski resorts are not glutted all at once. Our area has the second two weeks in February this year.

Snow days - days off from school? I've not heard of them here in Poland. I do think if it gets to a certain level of COLD - they will cancel snow - but so far, I've not heard of it happening just for snow.

Here are a couple of pictures from snowy Poland. 

This is a nice light snow - pretty, but this level of snow won't stop traffic at all.

However, this will.  This heavy, wet snow will cause slow traffic! Maybe not stop it, but cars do slow down with this kind.

These shadows are not seen daily around normally with snow on the ground. However, I have noticed the last couple of years more and more sunny days with snow - meaning shadows. Where the sun is out with snow, it is really quite pretty. 

 The first 10 years or so we were here in Poland, I hardly noticed sunny days in the snow - seemed like they were all pretty overcast and gray.  The last few years we've had more and more bright sunny days with snow on the ground.

And lastly, I can't help myself....just wanted you to see what I see when we have a lot of snow and I'm sewing. 

The snow we are getting right now will never cause this type of accumulation unless something drastically changes - 

Have a great day - wherever you are!

Psalm 118:24 says "This is the day that the Lord has made;
    let us rejoice and be glad in it."



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