"Library Stacks"

This one is doing dual duty - just like Coats and Clark thread!  It is number 45 in my 2" strips quilts but also made from 100% upcycled/recycled materials.

I wrote up the pattern for you and it is in the free patterns section.

Since I used all one fabric as the background fabric, it actually went together pretty fast. I have just been procrastinating on writing up the pattern - that is why I haven't shown it yet. 

I do like how it turned out.  I haven't quilted it yet - as you can tell by the picture above.  I'm  not sure yet how I will do it.

A couple more close ups. This one I took to use in the pattern showing the width of a spacer strip.

This one shows the fabric up close. I used a variety of purples and blues in the 9 patches as well as the main blocks.

I hope this is one you can use. It is a variety of what they called a Coins or Chinese coins quilt pattern. 

Have a great day!

Becky Petersen3 Comments