Saying Goodbye

When you live a long way from family, goodbyes that mean long separations are a normal part of life.

Yesterday we packed up Peter to go back to the states and we took him to the airport this morning.  (Peter is my nephew - one of my twin sister's sons -  and he's been visiting for about 10 days now)

I sent some quilts home with's what we were attempting to put in this one bag....

here is a little better picture of what is happening:

We managed to pack up two bags yesterday and got him to the airport in plenty of time for his 7 am flight to Frankfurt.  He even said he got 6 hours of sleep last night.  Oh to be young!  (We had to get up at about 3:45 am.)

Til we see you again, Peter. God speed!  Safe travels.  Do widzenia!

Now....I'd best buckle down and get really busy. I've been trying to work on clearing out scraps that for years, literally, I've thrown in various bags and buckets.  This year, 2017, is my year to deal with all of them!  (Do I hear you laughing?)  Well, it was my goal last year and I only managed to cut up until May.  I promptly stopped in June. I'm determined this year to keep going until I've conquered them.  I'm sick of feeling so behind in this area! Here they are, once again...scraps I must deal with!  


They will feed the strips bags.

 I've been cutting very diligently here in February...and should have a decent report on the 28th, even if it will have to count for 2 months since I failed to cut any up in January.

Of course, my charity quilt report is dismal.  It is just impossible to balance it all - I'd really need about 36 hours a day!  It'd help if I were actually more productive with my time, too! I know you might laugh, but it's true. I waste a lot of time delaying, procrastinating, making decisions, etc.

Here's to moving forward - time to conquer those scraps.  I've been giving myself much bigger goals this month - in an effort to really see some progress.  

I found that I was not doing my 15 minutes a day - for whatever reason, so I changed my method to actually taking some scraps and putting them on the table and telling myself I had to deal with "that many" today. 

I found, at least for now, it is working. I keep having to trick myself into dealing with them. However, when you see what I've accomplished (I will show you on March 1), you will be happy for me, I'm sure....I am encouaraged.

The resulting bags of strips are very motivating.


And...just in case you do need some fabric, my sister put a lot of things on the site last week. Be sure to check it out! She said they put up over 60 books alone.  Maybe one of them is the very one you have been looking for.

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