"Emma's Quilt"

My niece told me her daughter needed a longer quilt than the baby one I gave her a year ago.  I needed to get it done quickly, before Peter, my nephew returned to the states--I knew she liked her name on it.  My sister told me she really liked the star.  But at the ripe old age of 2, I am hoping she isn't "stuck" on one motif, so I put a cloud on this one with her name on it. Last time I used the embroidery machine to make the letters. This time I used applique - no embroidery machine.

For those of you who are wondering, I used this alphabet offered FREE as applique patterns by Four Twin Sisters. The cloud design?  I just drew that up on a piece of paper and traced it on to the back of fabric and cut it out.  I used the white fabric cut out as a pattern for the hot pink and pinned it in place and sewed it on.

I cut the squares at 4 1/2" and sewed them together in an 11x13 grid.

Since Emma loves pink, and hot pink is better than a pale pink, I used a liberal amount of it. But she is only 2, so I made it simple.  I just used a patchwork of fun patterned fabric - really, no pattern at all.  I wanted the focal point to be her name.

What kid doesn't like cupcakes?  I'm not sure I've met one.  I wanted to make sure that this fabric was included. There is a lot of pink on the cupcakes even if the background is black.  

I've tried to leave you some big pictures so you can see the fabrics I've used here.  She is a typical 2 year old who loves animals, tea parties and such things. And pink. Apparently she is in love with PINK.

Here's hoping she likes it. She seems to be somewhat attached to the first one I made her, but since it doesn't cover her head and her feet when she takes her nap, it isn't quite long enough anymore.

The wind was causing some distortion in the pictures as most of these were taken outside.

The tea party fabric was same fabric I used as the backing for the quilt I called "Quiet".  It's so cute.  I had a little bit leftover.

IMG_3483 smname.jpg

It ended up about 40"x50". Her mom said she's at that stage where she wants to cover both her head and her feet when she sleeps.  I don't know how tall she is at the moment, however.

Here's the final overall picture.

After I finished the whole thing, I realized I would have been better off making it at least 1, if not 2 rows longer.  Oh well!  We need to go back to the states in July for a wedding. If this one isn't long enough, I can make her another that is....

It's nice to have a person who likes a quilt I made them. Really nice.  It makes you want to make them another one.

I was struggling with the wind a little bit when I took the picture. It was the precursor to the storm that brought in the snow shown below.

I was struggling with the wind a little bit when I took the picture. It was the precursor to the storm that brought in the snow shown below.

One more thing - I took that picture two days ago (Thursday).  Look at the ground now.

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