Helping me with charity quilting

Many young people have been drafted into helping me with charity quilts.  Back before I started quilting all charity quilts (2012), I tied them all.  I often drafted any young person =who happened to be visiting our kids to help out.  I would prepare the "sandwich" and tie with running stitches and a curved needle (and cotton embroidery floss). The kids would all sit down, trim the stitches, and tie the quilt. it took about a half an hour if everyone was sitting around our large table. They got very fast at it!  of course, I had prepared the quilt and that time isn't included in that half hour.

We often listened to Old Time Radio or Adventures in Odyssey or something else in those early days while doing it. The problem was, our kids could finish one in less than half an hour so they didn't hear the end of the show if it was a half hour program!  Not exactly a major problem, however.

However, I did draft my nephew into helping me cut up a whole bolt of approximately 80 meters of fabric into 90" segments.

They will be backings for a young child's European single size quilt.  I found the bolt of fabric on a local auction site for about $100.

The print is very large, so really, it is perfect for a backing, but not that great for something smaller as the birds are quite large.

He cut the whole bolt up for me - and I appreciate it very much!  He was able to get 40, 90" segments, so obviously I got more than 80 meters. Since I only paid about $100 for the whole bolt, that makes each backing only cost about $2.50--not too shabby. 

Becky Petersen2 Comments