"Your Royal Highness" - bargello in purples/blues

I did finish that third bargello in January.  Then, I went to take pictures, they looked like two different quilts - one outside in the snow and the other inside in the artificial lighting.

So I had to ask my sons to help me. :)

Here it is, lying flat on the floor in our living room.

We still have snow on the ground from January 2 (and it is Feb. 16 as I write this). It may be the longest period of time I remember having snow on the ground without thawing since we've been in Poland.  Or maybe not.  Memories can be deceptive at times.  

Here it is outside in the snow.


Now...here come some pictures under artificial light:  The plums are pretty pinkish - when they aren't really that pink.  It is amazing what purple does with LED and fluorescent lighting.

The blues seems to not change as much under the different lighting.  I am sure the problem lies with me - the photographer, however.  I am also pretty sure that I will learn more as I work with my camera.

Once again, just as in the previous two bargellos I finished in January, this one's pattern is Surf Song, by Eileen Wright, and can be found in this book.

I hope you have enjoyed this peek into this blue and purple bargello.  The pattern is one I've enjoyed making now, 6 times, I think. I can see myself making it another 6 times (just not right now)...I like it so much!

While you are here...take a look at what my sister has for you!  Today I'm featuring batiks!  Some of you, no doubt, are batik lovers! Others, not so much.  Feel free to take some time to look around.

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