"Mustgoes" applique

Number 33 in my series of 2" strips quilts is a low volume "Jelly roll style",  rail fence type quilt - meaning I sewed strips together and then subcut them into 12 1/2" squares.  Then, I placed them in a rail fence layout- up and down and then perpendicular, etc.

But I thought it was a bit boring...and I've been wanting to add a big flower to one side.  Only one side. I've been putting it off...but decided this evening to get with the program and "just do it".  

So I did.  This mean I can go ahead and quilt this one!  Big relief!

I had previously made another one with these same leftover "low volume" type fabrics.  It looks like this:  I called it "Made Ya Look" and was number 2 in this series.  I had so many lights - I just wanted to "use some of them up"

I really have decided that I much, much prefer the look of "Made Ya Look" to "Mustgoes".

But that  is what the project of my 2" strips and squares is about - making a variety of quilts and finding what I like and what turns out interesting to me.

So....off to find some backing for "Mustgoes".

While you are here, feel free to take some time to look around! My sis is always on the lookout for some deals for you!



Becky Petersen2 Comments