"Scrappy Rail Fence" top finished - Upcycled blues #6

I'm pretty focused right now - trying to get this batch of blues off my dining room table and out of my sight, actually BEFORE my college kids come home for Christmas - next week!

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Scrappy rail fence block

Scrappy rail fence block

This is number 6 top finished in my quest to use up all but 2 boxes of my blues upcycled fabrics. I had 6 boxes.

I'm working it down - at least working down the larger pieces. As I use up the bigger pieces, it seems like the smaller pieces and cut-offs pieces just migrate on over to another box that is titled "scraps for a crumbs upcycled blues quilt". Sigh.

Eventually I will go through those and either use them in my current crumbs quilt I'm working on on the weekend, or they will be so small they will end up as kindling for the fire!

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I suppose that is good, though, that I still have more, right?  It means I have plenty of supplies to work with! LOL

I found myself with quite a few mediums - not really light and not really dark fabrics. I decided on this rather simple but classic scrappy rail fence.

The block is SUPER SIMPLE! 

The pattern only uses this one block - it is just turned ninety degrees to form the zigzags. Then I added three borders to form the effect around the outer edge.

I considered leaving it without any borders, but it made me feel uneasy - so I didn't.  I suppose that sounds weird - that something made me feel uneasy - at least something as insignificant as a border or non border on a quilt. Usually I'm not quite so philosophical about a border on a quilt, but this one - I felt better about it having one.

I've been working on the pattern and it is here! I hope someone can use it!

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While you are here, be sure to check out what my sis has over in the shop. I'm sure there is something you can  use!

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