"Granny's Checkerboard" top finished

This is the 5th upcycled blues (and in this case, off whites) top I've recently finished in an effort to whittle down my upcycled blue fabrics to a more reasonable amount. I'm getting there. I really am.  I'm pushing it close, though, as I'd like to have my dining room table clear of all this blue fabric in less than two weeks' time!

IMG_7081 sm name best.jpg
IMG_6815 sm name.jpg

This one was very simple. Maybe not as simple as a horizontal quilt because it is on point, but the blocks themselves were not complicated and there is no sashing!

Oh yes - the blocks are quite large, so I didn't need to make 15 gazillion of them!

Of all the quilt tops I've finished lately, I've really gotten the urge to quilt this one. I am eager to see it as a finished quilt - not sure why, but this one will probably be the first one I tackle!

IMG_6795 sm name.jpg
IMG_6536 sm name.jpg

Granny squares have a special place in my heart. I learned to make them with yarn in a crocheted afghan when I was quite young.  As a result, I guess they bring back fond memories to me. 

The pattern is here.



IMG_6542 sm name.jpg

I hope someone can use it!

It's pretty easy - really. It just looks like it might be hard. 

Mine was a bit harder than some would be because my off white fabric was a bit squirrelly.  I am glad I was able to use up most of that sheet I had. I am not really sure what was in me when I bought it - but it was a nice all cotton sheet - but pretty silky feeling, and that made it hard to work with.

I'm off to finish up the next couple of tops - I still need one more, I think. 

I'm thinking all the time..."What can I make with the rest of these scraps?

And that's all from my part of the world today!

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