My kids arrived

My two youngest, Lydia, who just turned 23 and is a senior Engineering major, and Daniel, almost 20 (Dec. 20), a sophomore Bible/IT major arrived today at about 4:30 pm at the Warsaw airport.

They came in on the 4:15 flight from Amsterdam. It landed at 4:27.

They came in on the 4:15 flight from Amsterdam. It landed at 4:27.


I was there to pick them up along with a friend of Daniel's, Sylwek. My husband, who still needs to spend very little time on his feet opted to stay home.

Lydia, Daniel, and Sylwek

Lydia, Daniel, and Sylwek

After stop and go traffic through a lot of Friday afternoon Warsaw traffic, we finally made it to McDonalds, which happens to be on our way home. Then we stopped in a store called Lidl and I picked up some groceries.


Finally we got home - not sure what time - but after 7 pm - closer to 8 pm, I think. 

We saw between 10-12 ambulances and police cars with sirens and - including 5 ambulances that I had to pull over for so they could make their way through the middle of traffic!  It was crazy!

My husband was anxiously awaiting their return - and wrote me a couple of times - wanting to know when we'd be there!


The kids had to reacquaint themselves with their bedrooms - both of which are pretty full of fabric and quilts - but their beds/mattresses are nicely made up and look nice . The cats are surely glad to see them back!

They are very tired right now and so have gone to bed. We kind of have a policy that we try to keep our newly arrived guests up til 9 pm in hopes that they will sleep through the night in spite of being completely messed up with their body clocks.

We are blessed indeed. 

I'm sure I'll be getting their help doing some quilting and working with some charity quilts especially. I'll keep you posted. They are young, so hopefully they can adjust quickly to the time zone here. We are 6 hours ahead of EST in the USA.

First thing on the agenda is decorate our living room with Christmas stuff. I've needed their help in getting the boxes down from their storage space. It is hard to do alone and my husband, with his one leg isn't able to either be the receiver of a box much less climb up the ladder and get the box down out of the storage area. So I've waited til thekids got here.

And that's what's been happening today from my part of the world!

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