"Orbit" - a recently finished quilt top

I had all those beautiful bright colors out in order to make my friend's very bright quilt - so I decided that I had to make at least one more from these fabrics - as many of them as I had left.

I wanted something simpler and more "open" feeling - more airy.

I came up with this one. I'm calling it "Orbit" because it is made up of a Courthouse Steps block and a star block plus sashing and cornerstones. The idea was to make it appear like the stars are encircled.

IMG_4994 sm name.jpg

This one was truly quick and easy - esp. after all those 2" block quilts I've done.  While the Courthouse steps block did use primarily 2" strips, because it had a large block in the center, making that 12.5" block go rather quickly. And the stars - a simple sawtooth star - also very simple.  

I went with some scrappy backgrounds but unfortunately I'm about out of all my small print on white or off white backgrounds. Yes. Can you believe it?

I could go restock...or I could change directions and focus on using what I have. I'll do the latter.

The pattern is not finished yet.  I am pretty entrenched in creating at the moment. I'll try to get it written by the weekend, though.

IMG_5018 smname.jpg

This was fun to make. It felt about as quick a Radio Waves. But then again, I think I'm conditioned to using those 2" strips as squares - which tends to take quite a bit longer than using full strips.  It's not that I was in a hurry to finish this top - I wasn't particularly - but it is just that it went together quickly.

And that's all that's going on in my part of the world today - quilting wise.

Have a wonderful day!

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