We're celebrating Thanksgiving today!

I spent several hours preparing on Friday for celebrating Thanksgiving on Saturday.  We're having a guest who could only be here on the weekend since Thanksgiving is not a holiday here in Poland!

Plus, this gives my husband a couple extra days to try to recover and heal before he has to go down the stairs.  He's been pretty confined to the upstairs these days.


What did I make?

I made Danish Apple Dessert - from recipe from Reiman Publications, most of my husband's mom's fruit salad recipe - by that I mean I prepared the sauce for the fruit and put the fruit in the fridge. I have to cut up the marshmallows and bananas tomorrow, purchased the turkey and prepared the stuffing ingredients - chopped the celery, and onion, cut up bread and put the spices in the bowl, prepared for making rolls by putting the flour, etc. in the mixing bowl, and peeled the potatoes and put them in the fridge, covered with water. I am trying to cut down on prep time for tomorrow! I really want to sew tomorrow - and see no real need to spend all morning in the kitchen! (We're only having 3 for dinner!)

For us to get a whole turkey isn't quite as easy as the typical American. We ordered ours from a local poultry processing plant - so it's very fresh. Mike ordered it on Thursday and I picked it up this morning. It's about a 19 lb. bird.  Hopefully we'll have lots of leftovers.

Turkey dinner.jpg


Our menu will consist of Turkey and dressing, cranberry sauce (purchased!), mashed potatoes (the real deal - no dried and quick and easy here) and gravy (from a package), homemade rich hot rolls with peach jam (purchased jam), fruit salad, sweet potatoes, and for dessert - Danish Apple Dessert. It's sort of like apple pie - but in a big pan. Pumpkin pie usually gets passed over because we all prefer apple pie, so I'm not making any. This is kind of a minimized Thanksgiving dinner - "only the necessities. I'm skipping green bean casserole and even corn!

So, as you continue your sewing and/or shopping this Thanksgiving weekend - or are you decorating - have a good one!

Don't forget - It's Small Business Saturday!

Don't forget about my sister's "bonus special" this weekend at the shop. For every $25 in fabric or other items you buy from her shop, you will get 1 yard of solid cotton for free!  


That's it from here on the home front in Poland.

Have a great weekend!  Oh yes, below are some FabriQuilt fabrics that my sister just got in - such a deal for beautiful fabrics! Check them out!

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