"Radiant Cross" - another "upcycled" quilt top finished

Really quite simple.

This is the kind of sewing you can do when you aren't in the mood to really make anything complicated.

IMG_4910 sm name.jpg

The pattern is here.  

I hope some of you can use it. I was in the mood for some mindless sewing after making Stars A Lot - which was pretty demanding. 

I also still had plenty of these colors already out from my previous foray into using fall colored upcycled quilts - remember them - "Radio Waves", "Diffusion", and "HI"?

I still figured if I used them up, then I wouldn't have to put them away - I could just cut up the last of the scraps instead of needing to put small amounts back into containers and on shelves. Of course the problem, such as it, is that I kept adding to them as needed, so I didn't really solve the problem of not needing to put anything away. Well, I did kind of. I'm using up some of my various second-hand off white and cream fabrics -which makes me happy as I simply had too much of it. I have had 3 shelves of it and want to be down to one shelf. 

This particular quilt uses a basic checkerboard block - which is a very simple block to make, but in 3 different sizes. I used strips that measured 2.5", 2" and 1.5" for variety and effect. 

simple layout.jpg

I think this idea would work for other simple designs as well. In fact when I was playing around with it, I first worked with this.

Then I realized that it would be nice to try it with a cross. Then, by playing around with the colors and shading, I could actually make it stand out.

So that's how this one came about.  I think this one, could be effective too, with the right color placement.

But I'm off to do something else for now. 

And that's all today from my part of this fantastic fall day!

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