"Premium Labels" top finished - upcycled blues #3

"Wait," you say, "Top number 3? Where's number 2?"

pile of yokes.jpg

It's finished, but I've not written the pattern, so I haven't shown it yet.

I had a whole stack of yokes that I wanted to use up. The yokes had the labels on the back. I know that some people just rip off the labels or cut around them or whatever. But I happen to like them. I think they are charming and I want to use them.

My stack involved over 100 such yokes. I said to myself, “What can I do?”

While pondering this problem, I saw a video put out by Missouri Star Quilt company where they used their Dresden ruler but not for making Dresdens - it was for making a star point.

I had bought one of these rulers a while ago. In fact, it was at Ewa Kiltowo’s shop here in Warsaw. I hadn’t used it yet.

Then, as I was looking at those labels, an idea hit me.  Yes, it HIT me.  I decided to try to make an angled border around the label – almost “improv”, but me, not being confident enough to go totally improv, decided to use a ruler to give me the angles and straight edges that I need. I looked at my long Dresden ruler and decided I’d try it.


I wanted a double angled border. Like this:

I made one and loved it.

So, then I decided to make them opposite – every other one with dark centers and dark outer colors and every other one with light centers and light borders. 

Then, as I worked, I saw that I should make some facing each direction. And I made them opposite in construction as well.

Both of these are light centers and light outer borders.

Both of these are light centers and light outer borders.

So, I did.  I made the lighter “label” sections starting by putting the first angled piece along the top and bottom and then the horizontal side second. 

I made these so that the seams were going in opposite directions from the lights.

I made these so that the seams were going in opposite directions from the lights.

The dark centers I made opposite, by sewing the angled pieces on the sides first and then the top and bottom.

It means when I put the top together, I wasn’t having seams butting up next to each other. It worked out well.

IMG_6144 sm name.jpg

Here's an instruction sheet for you, but since each label is a different starting size, making an exact pattern is impossible.

I put a piano key border on the outside – it makes for a very busy quilt. I decided to leave it, however, since I did want to use up those pieces of fabric – and piano keys are great for that.

And I decided once it is on a bed, the keys won’t be the focus – they will hang off the edge of the bed. So it’ll be fine.

IMG_6158 sm name.jpg

If you like busy quilts and you like blues - and you happen to have 72 yokes with labels on them - you should try this! Of course, you could tone down the business of this by using more solids - however, I have a plan for my solid blues - esp. my dark ones, so I tried not use most of them in this top - I need them for top #4. :)

I like the chance to show off the detail of the labels with this one. Let me give you a bunch of pictures of closeups of the labels and their blocks.

I hope this has been fun for you to look at! I've had fun making it. I still have some more blues from those boxes of blue fabrics/shirtings and curtains, etc. ..so expect at least 2 more tops - one is actually finished and one is in the works.


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