Cultural: Poland's Independence Day - November 11

Today is Polish Independence day.  Other countries around the world celebrate it as Veteran's Day, Remembrance Day or Armistice Day. For Poland it is important because it commemorates the re-emergence of Poland as a country after WW1 - in 1918 in fact.

Poland had completely disappeared off the map as a country for 123 years. So for them, November 11 is very important!

photo taken from Wikipedia

photo taken from Wikipedia

During the Soviet occupation of Poland the date was not celebrated officially by the Polish government, but in 1989, when Poland became independent, they reestablished the day as a holiday.  

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There don't seem to be a lot of special family events that they do to celebrate other than putting up a flag on their balcony.  Compared to the religious holidays like Easter or Christmas, in fact, it seems pretty laid back.  But the stores will be closed for the most part.

Probably some who live near the city centers will attend parades like the one pictured above. But I've asked my friends about this date in the past and there didn't seem to be any national food traditions associated with it.

Obviously if it falls during the week, the kids all get off from school as it is one of our official holidays - but this year since it falls on a Saturday, they don't get any special days off. They definitely feel "ripped off" this year! Aww...poor kids!

And that's all from me here in Poland today.  While you remember your veterans and World War 1 history, Poland is celebrating freedom.

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