"Big Block" quilt top finished

I started this top yesterday afternoon and finished it up this morning.  I was in kind of a hurry as it is a gift/charity quilt for a lady who is moving. And it's very easy since the block is so big (14" squares).

IMG_4572sm name.jpg

So why the hurry?

Well, I didn't want to make it ahead of time as I've been busy  - and wondered if she was ever going to actually move.

She just found out she's moving this weekend, so I need to try to fulfill my promise - I told her I'd make her this quilt for her new place.

IMG_4581 sm for header.png

This the pattern she asked for and in the colors she wanted - pink, blues, purple. She surprised me in that most people here do not want quilts with a lot of white in them. But she specifically asked for this like this.  I had made one before like this and she had seen it and loved it. 

It's kind of a cross between a charity quilt/gift. I say that because I don't usually know the people I give the charity quilts to - but this is a lady I've know since 2009, I think it was, when we met at a vet's here in town. I also don't usually make charity quilts "to order" - meaning I don't find out the size of their beds and their favorite colors, etc., choosing, instead to make what I want and then letting people choose their favorite.

This one is on the "docket" to get sandwiched and hopefully quilted very soon!

The pattern is already written up and is here.

In case you are wondering what other looks this block can give you -  here are a couple of layout options. I showed 5 options in the pattern since that is how many different layouts I actually made up with this black/solids. I used these as charity quilts - and yes, they are all gone. I could/should make some more.

IMG_1763 sm name.jpg
IMG_1795  name.jpg

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