"Radio Waves" - newest upcycled top

I've decided I need to get busy with making at least a couple, tops/quilts from my recycleds.  It is a real need. I just need to whittle down my recycled fabrics into a more manageable amount.

I have no desire to throw away boxes of taken apart shirts/blouses, etc, so my only other alternative is just to “get busy” using them.

So, I’m going to try for a few simple ones – hopefully simple, but nice.

We’ll see what I can challenge myself to do.

As opposed to my 2” strips series, I’m thinking of calling this series my “Easy Block” series – focusing on using a plain block or minimally altered plain block– allowing it to be the center focal point of the quilt – without cutting it into tiny pieces. 

"Show Off" - number one in my Easy Block series

"Show Off" - number one in my Easy Block series

I found that people really liked “Show Off” (it is number 1 in the series) and it was incredibly simple. In fact, it’s so simple, that I couldn’t believe that I got so many “likes” when I posted it in big Facebook group. I’m sure that a big part of it is the color choices I used -  I like those burgundies and other warm colors that went into making that one.

So, this year, I thought it’s time to make at least one if not two more in this “Easy Block” series.

In keeping with Show Off, I decided to go ahead and leave the center block rather large. These are 7.5”7.5” cut. I then tried to make the quilt interesting with the sashing.

And so it is. I've named this one Radio Waves.

Radio Waves - number 2 in my series of Easy Block quilts.

Radio Waves - number 2 in my series of Easy Block quilts.

The top is finished. I only made this one 89"x89" - so a tad bit smaller than I normally make them.  I've had to get back in to the routine of making tops, so this just ended up being one block smaller each direction than I probably should have.  But variety is the spice of life, they say. I think it's okay that this one is a tad bit smaller. And if it isn't, I can add to it to make it an 8x8 layout. I'll think about it while I work on a couple other projects this week.

It's quite easy, but kind of cool looking. I couldn't decide if it looked like radio waves or or some sort of robot, but ended up deciding that radio waves was fine.

small piece name.jpg

The pattern is here. I hope some of you can use it!

And now you know at least one of the things that has been going on over at my house the last few days!

Happy quilting!  I trust today finds all well at your house!

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