Pink and orange bargello - top finished!

I was able to apply myself today to my bargello top and finish it completely.  I love the colors!  My sis talked me into combining these two colors for the time ever in my life when she came to visit us here in Poland last July.  She talked me into it by showing me some pictures of a wedding where the bride used these two colors together. Instead of being awful, it was stunning!

I was startled at how much I liked them together and decided to try these two colors in a bargello.  I started it a couple of days ago. 

Today I put the "pedal to the metal" and got busy and finished this.

The pattern  is called "Surf Song" and can be found in this book by Eileen Wright. 

Yes, there is a rug under there....I only take the rug up when I finish a quilt--not for a top only. You can see the outline of it, however,  the basic movement in the top isn't affected by the rug.

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Becky Petersen