We have a cat who has suffered some serious emotional distress since both my youngest son and my younger daughter have left home. They used to let him sit in their laps for hours at a time.

He was helping me quilt yesterday.  I kept having to move him, but he just settled back down into the quilt and stayed.  I guess it was worth it to him to be close. As I'm typing this, he's within 6 inches of my right arm, sitting in my open desk drawer (I pulled it open so he could sit there instead of on my keyboard.)

Here I'm finishing up a quilt I started in 2016 as part of a quilt along in a group I'm in. The theme was "9 patch".  I tried to make all my quilt along quilts completely from "upcycled" items. 

We name all of our animals after towns or places or animals in Alaska, where my husband is from. At present we have Taku, Nanook, (dogs)  Skaway and Tuq (cats) .

Becky Petersen