I made this one with New Year's fireworks in mind as I was working on it right at the end of 2016.   Fireworks for New Year's celebrations are a big deal here in Poland. Many people, in fact, I'd venture to say most neighborhoods have fireworks going off all around them on Dec. 31 and often again on New Year's Day.

It's number 43 in my 2" strips series.  I actually looked around my sewing area for partially completed or mostly completed blocks to speed the construction of this one along--as well, as I really am trying to use up my scraps! Really!

I had made these checkerboards for Banded Checkerboards, and then misplaced them so, of course, I made more. Then, later, I found them.  I used them up here.

 The green and white checkerboards were strips I made for a mystery quilt that I redesigned after the reveal of the finished design since I didn't care for it. That left me a whole bunch of those strips.

I also used blocks or partial blocks from the border of Claire's Lanterns, and other misc. partially made blocks. 

IMG_2143 sm name 2.jpg

You can check out the pattern for Claire's Lanterns here.

It's a free download.


In order to get more of an effect of an explosion going out from the center of the quilt, I used arrows in two places as well as the star sashing effect.  The arrows around the edge of the quilt and the interior sashing strips combined with the star sashing also create yet another arrow.

I also quilted it with stars and loops to help the star and explosive look.  The quilt is so busy, however, that it is pretty lost in the design.  Up close, however, you can see the quilting, especially in the black.

Today the snow is crunchy again. Since I don't know how much longer we'll have really cold snow, I thought I'd grab this one more "snow" picture.


I was working on this top around Christmas time. I took this picture in low light - it's on the floor. Look carefully.  We had a 'downsized' tree this past Christmas.  Usually our tree goes to the ceiling.

While you are here, check out what goodies my sister has for you! I'm sure you need some new pretties for your stash.

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