Empty thread spools ......... the stories they could tell

A few years ago I started saving my empty spools. It was really when I saw a nice Christmas tree decoration that used spools when I decided to start saving mine.. Up until that time I had just tossed them - except for the wooden ones.

It is hard to know how to give credit when you get it from pinterest when pictures aren't watermarked.  So, let it be said that I took these from pinterest, but when I clicked on the link, they took me to another pinterest page.  You can find more if you type in something like "garland from empty thread spools".

Here is one I saw, or something like it.  I found a couple of images on pinterest that show what I like.


Almost all of the small spools held thread that was given to me and I've used up. (A special thanks to all of you have donated thread.) Most of the larger (5000 meters - the big red cone represents 30,000 meters) cones indicate thread I've bought here. 

I know that some people have given me thread that was their mom's or grandma's. I know one lady gave me her dad's wife's thread after the wife left the dad. I have one group in Florida that has given me probably 20-30 spools of perfectly good thread that they either had given to them or were able to get very inexpensively.  I appreciate it all!

I've got some wooden spools. I've had a soft spot for those ever since I saw them.

And I've got Guttermann or Guttemann type of spools Lots of them!  They are fascinating because they open.

Thankfully, my machines seem happy enough with almost any kind of thread--at least with piecing. I am finding that free motion quilting is a happier experience if I use a high quality polyester embroidery thread like Madeira or Isacord. Thankfully I have been able to find some good deals both here in Poland on their auction site, www.allegro.pl and on Ebay, so that I haven't had to pay regular price for most of it.

The green ones with the flat bottoms are Isacord embroidery thread I was able to get here in Poland as a deal, however, most were not full full when I got them. I haven't used THAT much thread!

IMG_1985 sm.jpg

I've not had that much really cheapo thread - for which I'm grateful. I know, I could throw it out - that 5/$1 stuff, but I just hate to if I can use it at all. I try to use really cheapo thread for things like basting around the edges of a quilt before I put trim the edges and other temporary and noncritical sewing.

I do appreciate every single spool that I've used. I can use pretty much any color because I do so many scrappy quilts.  I also do end up making almost every color of charity quilts that exists, except white. I've noticed that Polish people in our area do not really like "white or very light" quilts that much. They tell me "they get dirty too fast." That makes me smile, actually, since what I think they mean is "They show the dirt too fast."

And that's all I've got so far. Since taking these pictures, however yesterday, I've created two more empty spools.  I went on a bobbin filling spree - filling up the majority of my empty bobbins for embroidery or just to use in piecing.  I still have over 30, however, that I left free to use when quilting - as I match the top and bobbin thread when quilting

I hope you've enjoyed this little glimpse into my world!

The quilt top you see under the spools is a charity quilt I'm getting ready to find a backing for.


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