"Scrappy Meets Amish"

When I was naming this one, I really wanted to name it, "Scrappy, Meet Amish", but decided that something might get lost when it was read, so I defaulted back to Scrappy Meets Amish. This is number 36 in my 2" strips and squares series.  

I have a book about Amish quilts. They were generous in their use of solids and big wide borders.  I did not see random straight line quilting, however, in the book! In fact, somehow this combination of navy and red stuck in my mind.  Maybe I remember it from the book - maybe I was just imagining that it looked good when I put them together. Anyway, I did get the effect I was going for.

These quilts are so large, it is hard to actually do a "quilt roll" picture.  This top, before quilting was 99"x99". It lost a few inches in quilting and washing, but it is still large.

I quilted with irregularly spaced straight-ish lines using the walking foot. I did a lot of eyeballing!

Here is another view of it drying on our dining room/game/sandwiching, picnic style table.

I used a duvet cover purchased second hand here in Poland for the backing. I fell in love with it. It is perfect, color wise, for this and is a really nice quality cotton.

A couple more random shots.

This  one was quick to put together. Probably putting that small red border in was, proportionately, the most time-consuming part of his quilt.

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