"Banded Checkerboards"

Number 38 in my 2" series is done!

i found myself with an overabundance of blues and greens - and really wanted to whittle them down. It seemed like I had made several, and yet I still had this many blues and greens leftover.

I did a simple all over stippling. The pattern of the quilt is so busy, that I didn't think even attempting anything else had any merit - as it pretty much only shows up on the border,.

I did actually cut the green stripe on the bias and made my, maybe first ever, bias binding.  I wanted the stripes on the bias, to add interest.

 A bit of a close up of the overall pattern

I was struggling with a little breeze.  The quilt was actually leaning towards me, so I angled the camera to try to get a straight shot. As a result, the trees are growing a bit more crooked than they normally do in these pictures. (LOL)

I pieced the backing from several smaller pieces of blue.  I was able to liquidate several pieces this way - from my 5 shelves of blue. 

An inside view as it was drying on the dining/sandwiching/game table.

The pattern for this one is in the free patterns section.  I hope you will find it useful to you.

I'm getting closer and closer to getting all 43 finished - with the completion of this one, I only lack 3 more.  I'm really chomping at the bit to piece some more - but I've held off because if I don't stop myself, I won't get the last three quilted.

(I'd rather piece, if you hadn't figured that out.)


While you are here, you can take a moment to check out my sister's fabrics she's got available.  I'm sure you can use some fabric, can't you? 


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