I had just finished listening to a book about introverts when I decided to make a quiet quilt.  I am not an introvert, though I believe I birthed 4 of them and am married to one.

Many quilts out there, even some of mine, make me a bit tired when I look at them. Sometimes there is so much movement--so much going on that they make me feel uneasy.  I find that lots of places for the eye to rest is the answer to that problem. Each of us is different - I realize that.

This is how I feel, for example, when I see the typical "one block wonder" quilt--I am amazed at their complexity, and sit in awe of the skill needed to get them so perfect, but I don't find myself wanting one.

I believe I am an ambivert - that means I can fall into either category--depends on the situation and my mood. Some would say I am definitely an "extrovert", however, I can be happy by myself - for hours, if not days on end. I definitely get tired by being around people.  If the definition of an introvert, is that you gain energy by spending time alone--then I qualify; however, I can easily be around people and enjoy it.  I just try to "enjoy the moment" - fully - whether I am in a group or at home, alone.

Anyway....that is really irrelevant.

The quilt is very simple. Because it is so simple, I decided to cross hatch quilt the whole thing with relatively close together lines.

I did this crosshatching on my domestic machine. It took probably 6-7 hours of quilting. It felt like forever. I was working diagonally across the quilt.

I used the pattern itself as a guide.  I aimed for the edges of the squares and/or the sashing strips.

I actually didn't use stark white thread to quilt this. I used what was called a "dirty white" - slightly off white.

IMG_1667 sm name.jpg

For the backing, I used this wonderful print that I ended up having in my stash due to a purchase of a lady's stash who passed away. I really love the print, but didn't know if it is very realistic that I would use it in a quilt by itself.  There were several pieces that I was able to piece together for a backing.

The pattern is in the free patterns section. While you are here, feel free to take a look around the shopping section. I'm sure my twin sister would love to see your order!

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