This one makes my eyes go bonkers. Maybe it is the black cornerstones and the framed 16 patches that touch it. Maybe I've been looking at it too long!


This is number 30 in my series of 2" strips and squares quilts.

The basic block in this quilt is a framed scrappy 16 patch.  The units that build cohesiveness are the sashing and cornerstones in tan/black and white/black.  The alternating pattern keeps your eye moving.

I did an all over stippling.  Poly batting - it is what is most available here, and the most affordable. It does make the quilt more puffy. It is also warmer than cotton batting.  I will gladly, admit, however, that I do prefer working with cotton batting (or 80/20). 

When I first heard the term piano key border, I was thinking it would look something more like this than what it really looks like. Truthfully,  I thought calling a row of strips a piano key border was a cop out.  Since I play the piano, I thought, "Why is that a  piano key border?"  Just after I heard the term, on a music quilt I made, I actually did make a piano key border following the pattern of the black and white notes on the piano - and it was a real pain!

This one was also a pain, but not as bad as the one where I laid out the black and white like real piano keys.

And just 'cuz I don't normally take a picture while looking down - here's one.  Our snow doesn't usually last this long - so I'm really enjoying using the snow as ground cover in my quilts this January!

The pattern is in the free patterns section.  It's a "beta" version, so if there is something you don't understand, either write a comment here and ask, or come on over to the facebook group , Becky Quilts in the Old Country, and join in.

Be sure to check out the fabrics here if you are in need of something to add to your stash! My sister is trying to keep quilting affordable for you while she has great fun looking for deals!

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