Gifts from the East

My husband just got back from a trip from farther east. He brought me some gifts that were given to him!

Let me share with you what he brought home.  

This is a box of chocolate and raisins.  Isn't the box pretty?

Then, our friends who used to live in Turkey gave these to my husband for me.  They are made from felted wool.  Nice and warm!

I've already worn them ...and you can see that they will be own personal lint roller!  Threads....

Another group of people gave my husband these slippers for our 2 daughters and me (and the blue/gray pair for him).  Do you see a common theme here? 

Then, he was given this really nice wool hat.  It's quilted!  It's amazing!

He arrived home safely with no problems on his flights.  He had a wonderful trip and a wonderful chance to make some new friends.

Becky Petersen2 Comments