This is number 28 in my series of 2" strips tops. 

IMG_1031 sm name.jpg

My Facebook group (Becky Quilts in the Old Country) helped me name this one. They suggested Confetti, and I thought it was a great suggestion. As I was considering how to quilt it, I thought, "I'll try to expand my own inventory of quilted designs, which at the moment is pretty small, and learn a stars and loops design."  

And so I did.

I at first thought I'd use black for the quilting, but then decided I really didn't want it that visible - esp. since this is the first time I've done stars. I have this nice bright yellow--and didn't take away from the brightness of the quilt.

People are often curious about the backing. I bought a lot of this backing a few years ago when fabric.com had a bunch of fabric on about $2/yard at the end of the year.  (I've not seen that particular price point again from them.)  I bought a lot of this, specifically to use as backings, however, this is the last piece I have.

I like it because it is vibrant, and hides my quilting very well!  Plus, it is nice fabric--it has a very nice "hand".  It is from the company Fabric Traditions.

The quilt started out at 90.5" x 99.5". It shrank in the wash, but it is still a very nice queen size quilt.

The pattern is a freebie and it's over in the free patterns section of this website. Enjoy!

Oh...one more thing...I really debated making this one with white and not black borders. This is what it would have looked like:  

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