"Balls and Chains" ...........Another finish!

You ask...how can you finish so fast?  Simply put--these were tops that I already had finished in 2016 and had put on a shelf. They were waiting for me to quilt.

I do not enjoy quilting in the summer if it is hot since it there is too much heat from the quilt on my arms and upper body as the weight of the quilt is all over me as I hold it. So, I focus on quilting when it is cold and I enjoy having the extra heat draped all over me.

This is number 32  in my series of 2" strips quilts. I quilted it, got it washed last evening and was able to get some pictures on this cold, clear, crisp day.

It's yet another biggie. (105"x105") I can't keep making them bigger and bigger!

I did a simple overall meander/stipple.

The backing:

A close up of this bright and cheery fabric. I thought it fit perfectly with the spirit of the front.

The pattern is available in the free patterns section.

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