"Explosion" top is finished.  This is nr. 43 in my series of using my 2" strips.  I don't have all 43 of the tops made into quilts yet, but this is the 43rd top I've made primarily out of my 2" bags of strips.

You can see that I used a lot of hot colors to make the morning star sashing blocks. I added in color in the middle of the sashing to help form an "arrow" look and put arrows blocks around the border to indicate what would be an explosion or fireworks.  

I used a lot of leftover 2" square blocks for the main blocks. These were pieces leftover from when I made Claire's Lanterns, Sea Lanterns and a mystery quilt from a couple of years ago that I didn't finish as the designer planned so I had leftover blocks.  Then, I made more blocks out of my 2" strips.

A flattened overview

Closer up

Closer up

I'll put it in my pile of quilt tops to get quilted this spring!

Becky Petersen