Boxing Day in Poland...


Today, Dec. 26, is yet another Christmas holiday in Poland. It is Boxing Day in the United Kingdom and Canada.

I personally believe it is a holiday here just so the women, who have worked so tirelessly to make a spotless house (yes!), collect presents for family members as needed, dinner with 12 courses (Dec. 24) , and then a different dinner for yesterday (Dec. 25) for a lot of family/friends...can have a day to recover before needing to go back to work. Really, I've recently had contact with no less than 3 women who mentioned how absolutely exhausted they were on Christmas morning/afternoon/evening after working so hard to "put it all on" for their families.

So, while you in the states might be going to after Christmas sales, we've got yet another quiet day here in Poland!

As for me...we'll work on writing thank you notes and I want to sew, of course!

Have a great day!