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Quilted Twins Fabric Show Jun 30 2023

okay folks I think I'm all live now and so

twins uh fabric showcase and uh this is June

birthday too is today and so might as well

so go to and you can order

through the Facebook it doesn't work that

um without any further Ado uh I have some green

the middle dark dark green in the background color

called Lizzie Albright Lizzy I never met her but

here's some leaves here's some leaves uh cloth

we ran into at the h h meeting background color

got all these colorful leaves going on in there

hands color Dance a beautiful by quilting

okay in that same color reading as I mentioned

colored differences background color is

uh once again clothworks made it and it's nature

eight different Basics by quilting treasures and

the yellow beautiful bright bright lemon

and it's 12.50 a yard and it is by quilting

here I got creamy white in the background in the

who did this Marcus Marcus made this uh yeah

volume number 42 and it's only 9.99 a yard okay

Treasures has a little bit of a splotchy

um a 1250 yard I need thos

um okay well here's another basic uh

splotches on the top of it I think

cool thing Treasures did it Basics

343 and it is 12.50 and here's another one of the

it's a little bit darker kind of taupey green

348 fall 58 yard take anything over there okay

Rose or peach or something I'm not sure it's

and 1250 and then this is the last one of these

or fluorescent pink and this is Basics 341 and

one chicken wire on black ever since that last

because we had a bunch of chickeny stuff and one

Wire Fence Farm Number Two 17 and it's only 6.99

foreground with little tiny black butterflies this

and it is gray for 38 and like I said once again

on here and then B's in the middle uh here there

a white background happening and so I guess the

okay bees and so Michael Miller did it Birds

ain't this either butterflies in the middle of

butterflies there's Tan in the background and

one is brown 451 Brown 451 and it's only 6.99 by

the pasture right here somebody asked for that

away and well I won't let anybody have it then why

they just want one yarn then they better oh then

okay it's the cow pasture horses and donkeys and

called this one's called poured color by

this is a beautiful orange green chartreuse

it only 6.99 okay we rounded up the horses

all the horses really packed together here yeah

of horses in there and so creatures number 142

chickens before somehow they got a new number but

and lots of chickens and by Elizabeth Studios

right here they are ducks all right all puddled

Ducks aren't they cute okay right there enough's

144 Rachel says I gotta go fast 12 15. now we

to do hey there's eight of you on there can each

at least 14 to 16 people this afternoon and these

something and then cows gonna move and this is a

of thing creatures 143 by Elizabeth Studios 1250.

B Rachel come on here and say oh I've known about

and so I got dragonflies going on there all on

um so uh Birds we got in the

393.72 no three yes 372 699 a yar

okay this is a pink background with a blue

bit of something else anyway it's by Robert

D star looking hair happening navy blue in the

shades of uh of Reds and blues and blue greens

Patriot Riley Blake did it patriotic number

if you look up magenta you will get this

a dark Plum or a cranberry we had to pick a

435 could have been in purple but it's red

Bank we have the style design and other

in tan it sold real well with horse horses uh

dirt uh Trail and a horse tracking a horse

okay this is by Joanna Figaro from Moda part

um I can't remember I'll think of it in a

Michael Miller's got these going on here we

uh whatever uh yellow blender in the

bees wandering all over collecting there nectar

okay it's called fruit cocktail this is

okay I got some purple flowers on

kind of like uh daisies uh milkweed

um the nartex the nartx did it uh purple number

I think they're radishes and some kind of purple

and this is called planted with Love by Contempo

one like the whole one that held up a moment ago

this one's an orangey and yellow background color

Bernard text and there you got orange number 397

This is yellow background with red cherries

have these in half yard bundles and you save a

this is a pretty yellow in the background we

something anyway okay quilted Treasures

uh I don't understand what in the world those

then he got almost sort of Paisley shapes uh with

well it pays these but then you

I don't know but anyway purple 393 if you need a

another fruit cocktail with orange background this

probably can't see the green flowers and they

and the camera isn't really showing very well

okay I got daisies here we go Daisy's on pink and

pink in the background it's got a little little

bright and sunny thing happening here floral

okay another one from the fruit cocktail

flowers with kind of a reddish tomato

and here's another uh plants thing I

um by Moda uh the figuero lady we've been

212 and it's 12.50 a yard a fabric

cream background and it has black bats and they're

that makes it only 6.99 and if you know anything

okay I got gnomes okay I got gnomes and is that a

don't know I can't see them but anyway they're

their Nomi thing uh they they have picked out

on this thing this uh and having a good old time

full of presents happening background colors are

gnomes number 70 1250 a yard uh uh Thomas Fishers

um I can't remember the name of this one uh I

end of the bowl and this is a brown background

450 and it is 6.99 all right now uh somebody

gnomes in so snow globes maybe they're solitary

anyway they're doing their Nomi thing in the

solid black and then there's sort of snowflakey

it's Timeless Treasures did it gnomes number 66

a bit of flowers and the leaves pink for 95

and it is 6.99 okay I got some gnomes out in

winter holidays and some trees with snow snow

place maybe they're having a Christmas present

it's Timeless Treasures 12 58 yards okay NATO

no not yellow these are green a little tiny bit

something with yellow on it I'm not sure what

is that Moda fruit cocktail and it's plants

mode of fruit cocktail thing also I got yellow

stripes and then a couple of narrow ones um and

not the most popular one so far has been a red

but I think the flowers are the prettiest this

spot in the middle of the white flower part of the

okay this comes across me as being really

Springs Creator that's what I was looking for

and in the background colors you've got musical

um um sort of a greenish Hue to it he greenish

Rachel had a Victorian Christmas tree in the

oh ground part of that fruit cocktail line

name of the book The book's called fruit salad

okay I got a fish got fish they all seem to be

tuna we got Marlin we got we got swordfish

gonna hear almost every Variety in the sea

happening on that one uh I don't know who did it

and then leaves and they're hard to see the

it is 12.50 and I got cinnamon rolls or spirals

blue on a white background and so there you have

by Moda and this all goes together with the other

can get those on the website under fruit cocktail

line is called fruit cocktail 1250. and another

cherries uh cherries on a very aqua oh okay we'll

cherries you oftentimes pick two at a time and

number 179 and it is 1250 yards okay this one this

little bit lighter blue with the green leaves and

okay and I got a uh civil war-ish kind of

kind of flowers okay we got flowers packed

background happening but it is very civil Warrior

6.99 yards okay here is a white background with a

one is plants 221 part of that fruit cocktail and

okay I got some elephant magic going on here

um we are we are only 12 months away from New

six months from New Year's Eve um you got in the

elves here and so Christmas number 730 6.99

bit yellow flowers and tomato as well plants uh

okay I got sandals uh flip-flops going to the

in the background is this the one that was on that

a buy any bag and this is one of the featured

patterns for that one so wait we've ordered more

okay part of fruit salad this is blue cherries on

181 I'm not sure well I guess I've never seen any

salad there could be more than one kind of fruit

Company for Moda music okay we got an instrument

violins we got fiddles we got we got saxophones

all sorts of instruments as well as musical notes

background here and so this is timeless treasure

dark blue background with a red flower and green

or from that fig and Company and this is 12.50

have this pattern with the daisies before this

yellow uh but here here you go a little

part of this I'm trying to get all this fruit

if you come into the store you can find it all

is plants too if you're writing down the

type in fruit cocktail or just the word cocktail

beautiful fabrics and they are 12.50 uh cool

they are but they're all in a row so we called

background color and then we got all of these

um with little little dashes of making up the

yards I'm not sure sure whether these should be

anges that are haven't turned green yet

on a yellow background part of this

Timeless Treasures did this we got a newspaper

these things in French and all kinds of

English so you can read it while you try to go

okay a yellow background with red flowers

polka dots plants 209 and this is part of that

that is it looks there's like one of these

all right on it exceedingly light shade of yellow

it we got we we got what's reminiscent of Flags

it and then then red streamers so patriotic

with little white flowers with red centers

plants plants 210 part of the fruit cocktail

we got Christmas trees and then we got Shadows

with ornaments on them happening right

background color you can see is a creamy

okay this screen has been in big demand so this

white polka dots and little tiny white design

cocktail for Moda 1250. now I held up this design

got it in brown and it looks a whole lot nicer in

is a chocolate milk chocolate brown and then you

did this uh Brown number four five two six thirty

we haven't had any new Mickey and Minnie usually

is Mickey and Minnie and just Mickey and Minnie

sold through everything we had this is 9.99 and

I held up before last one was in brown this one

flowers are a lighter shade of blue this would

a yard blue number 678. okay once again Mickey

not white cream background and a little

this in the sky I don't know why and this is

okay and I got a different newspaper thing here

the same news paper print but it's on Timeless

okay words 996 99 yards okay this

kind of bird and this is really pretty this

treasures and it's Believe It or Not guys it's in

beautiful fabric all right so I got Mickey and

okay Mickey and Minnie and then hearts and and

white background color happened on this one here

something movies number 226 12 999 a yard okay

we've got their heads in little squares with the

to do with anything but it is 28 and yes it's by

okay and this is the one we were looking for

we got uh Christmas Stars happening there blue

number 305 holiday holiday special especially

no I didn't okay yeah it's already out there

pretty that is that is a beautiful dark dark

um I think it's a northcott no QT Fabric and this

going to be done uh I I it's up to you okay let's

away we'll be here tomorrow uh come see us and

the morning we have all these Fabrics ready and

and um since it's coming up on patreon

flying in the mountain and with the mountain

called the Wild by Hoffman it's beautiful and I

the wild number 47. look at the feathers

where you got other Eagles going on

and all the trees back here too it's really

wild 47 and it's 13 digitally printed by Hoffman

see this once again in all these items a quilted

here tomorrow so we gotta go put all this stuff

birthday if you see him tomorrow wish him happy

you can't shop online okay let me see how many

tell your friends we got YouTube four people