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Quilted Twins Fabric Show Jun 28 2023

um I don't know bu


it doesn't run that low on on on batteries during

should be good should be good okay now it should

can hear it okay can you hear me now did you

I mean it was just magnificent introduction

introduction uh I can hear a bit a bit is

you there are you there now okay I'm seeing

um okay so uh I've got another one from rather

a hunter green uh Pine Forest Green background

uh waders and the boots and the rods and reels and

fishing so fish number 161 and it's only 6.99 and

is not 6.99 this is part of whale song beautiful

uh whale song um cool kids that we've had on email

need to get it whale song This one is Florida

Blake did it in Gray also same pattern same boots

everything you need to go fishing right here

fish number 160 and it's still 6.990 yards look at

really cool this is an abstract print so guys

look the purples and the greens and the blues and

want to back up a little bit so you can see it

number 38 It Is by blank blank quilting 6.99 all

this fishing thing here and so you've got uh

um no wake zone all sorts of things pertaining

jumping you got a fishing Creole you got boat

um okay and so there you have it you got the

so there you go Fish number 162 and it's only

I do want you to know that okay now I'm trying

camera we got these in today 37 bolts of Border

if you didn't get yours and you want some order

the number on it type in shop hop it'll show up

from bernardex uh we got we we got a checkerboard

of Reds going on but from the good folks that have

four three two and it's still 6.99 a yard okay we

cocktail fruit cocktail and today's email that

hours and 15 minutes late don't ask me just don't

beautiful Moda fruit cocktail 12.50 a yard and

white specks in it and this one is in geometrics

all right a moment ago I held up a red pattern in

in Black okay blacks and gray is happening with

um a black number 409 Black 409 and it's

been our attacks been our text uh they

a closeout on the catitudes and dog on its

something else so hurry and get it they're

one of those beautiful uh fruit cocktails by

at Moda headquarters so I can't get any more

and pear peaches and pears everything's in a

now somebody called us today and already ordered

so if you want the cherries come and get those

okay this is from a gallery Choice okay Choice

blues and taupe yeah uh colors going on with

uh are those birds or butterflies or something or

okay and so romantic Garden so that doesn't

it's only 6.99 yard okay I think this is supposed

scales scales fish scales and blues fish scales

by I think blank blank quilting and this is in

then we have the fish scales in gray and black and

works well in geometrics you don't have to know

okay so she had a blue marlin there and a gray

here in the green uh and so so it has the stripe

this is Geo number 203 and it's 1250 a yard okay

Christmas it's on fabric now piece of wood with

that fishermen like to put in their tackle box

time I don't know why they don't just have the

fishing lures and this is Hobbies 359 Hobbies 359

same way I feel about sewing machines okay I

sewing machine or more in one needle uh but I'm

rods and reels more reels than rods okay all on

background but we got all kinds of fishing reels

got a Hobby's number three five eight twelve

is uh all the types of fish in little circles and

fishing lures uh hidden away in the background

um anyway this all uh in in innuendo creatures 156

is Christmas folks Christmas is coming right away

got Santa at his Christmas tree and we got Santa

on a blue light blue with uh if you look closely

663 and it's 6.99 a yard okay this is another one

is that new line that I put out this morning

because my internet at the house was out and this

on it geometric 213 looks beautiful with many

okay I got another Santa doing a Santa dance

medium blue in the background then we got some

snowflakes or something but they're just not

oh look what I found I found some Christmas gnomes

songs these are upside down so I guess this is

because I get to look at them not upset well I

not it's not a directional print oh I see them

okay and this is a feels like quilting Treasures

winter gnomes uh fun gnomes and gnomes 69 uh 12.50

Santa doing his thing with his friend the Snowman

difference in this one versus a previous one

silhouettes of uh snowflakes in the background

only 6.99 okay listen up if you're a Scottie dog

like the circus where they do tricks and these

dog or know somebody you need to get some of this

okay and I held up this print before Santa Santa

it's on a green background color that's the only

green background color you got a little white dots

snow and so um Christmas 633 and it's 6.99 a yard

this is the red background with the white flowers

a I would call it a milky white beautiful fabric

are like the 30s they're just cute plants to 11

and I got another Christmasy one here I got

ornaments all in a maroon background and bells

stars little stars look like cookies um and so

only 6.99 a yard okay we had a little bit of this

don't know amoebas or something floating around

a whole lot here Florida 317 1250 by northcott

a whole Bolt left of this and this is the

Florida 321 1250 and it's a beautiful beautiful

yeah yeah uh and so I got a winter scene going

skiing and ice skating and uh got their dog

he's just having to rely on his fur but they got

kinds of wintry scenes here yeah I know this

here in Florida today but I'm needing some

it'll help winter 74 and it's only 6.99 a yard

go with gardening we've got the gardening

we have the little tiny plants and then the

this is so cute by I'm pretty sure this is

Hobbies 361. this is a serious hobby especially

okay let's do something a little more seasonal

summer well we got the travel trailer going on we

loose we got a cooler full of uh drinks and stuff

large print in comparison to my hands see that

pretty nifty you got a variety of different

whole trailer park going on there Hobbies

look at those American flags I bet that's a July

supposed to be here we go with another one of the

this morning's email there are 40 Fabrics in this

you today uh we picked about six or seven to show

if you do buy them by the color bundle so this is

Pine bowls okay so this would go great if you're

white only the the pine balls are a gray all right

sort of but uh this would go super if you're doing

uh Santas and things like that white number yeah

God May the people who make it the future and

white I bet that sells out overnight no it's

something called Canyon Creek also by northcott

is a beautiful fabric especially if you're looking

Southwest geometric 218 12 50. okay I got some

wildflowers people yeah that's kind of yeah okay

there that makes these flowers really stand out

floral number eight two six and it's only 6.99 a

little bit different it has a little bit different

know it's a different fabric so uh you'd have to

the difference but they are different 12.50 okay

the Southwest mine has buffaloes on it buffaloes

deer bison was that a buffalo bison's a buffalo

how picky you're gonna get I don't know okay I

that are different than our buffaloes in Wyoming

somebody will tell us uh yeah we'll hear all

the background you got sort of a distressed look

Creek was the line that it came from cool uh this

yeah that goes with this one once again we decided

have much of the Southwest look and this was

we decided to bring in different so those of you

this geometric 216 geometric 216 1250. okay from

yeah I see squares all right and the other end

to me I don't understand oh oh okay uh government

and it's only 6.99 even though it's Bernard mine's

yours mine's called Lizzie Albrecht by Ricky Tims

okay and this one's blue and this is also benertex

okay so I think that's it for this quickie pop-up

will be open to the public tomorrow from uh

it lower until five if you're watching this show

okie doke uh now we're gonna put all this stuff

go to sleep I only got about three and a half

kind of got it back a little bit so I don't

sorry that I was late this morning those of you

there until 7 30. sorry about that so you got to

it I had to go back oh okay okay we gotta go put

can we will still be here Friday with another

hot border stripe in we are ready and order this