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Quilted Twins Fabric Show Jun 26 2023

Lambs spreading out so far and wide darling

I've got this is Ken and this is the Quilted

Dade City Florida USA and the items we'll

some of them are brand new to us some of them

you to know that we were back in business with

can order these things off the website uh right

might miss some of it and so we wouldn't want

uh I'll get started okay we got

we got all kinds of poultry words

background gray blendery happening and then

without chickens we got eggs we got it all in here

maybe have some beach grass people have been

behold we found some so we have it again uh this

beautiful fabric and everybody loves it Beach

backwards 107 and it's just 6.99 oh it does have

okay blank quilting made this one here that's one

right Rosie Red Delicious apples on a blendery

got some apple Twigs in there overly aggressive

number 366 and it is only 6.99 a yard oh a bunch

Fabric and it's called Best Friends Forever by

it kind of washes out but it's a bunch of kids

children 320 and it's only 6.99 okay from blank

little red tractors and then in the background

all of that on a solid green background

and so uh we got this in farm obviously

309 and it is just 6.9

okay got some from Andover I got umbrellas I'm

down on the pink so it reminds you of a rainy

umbrellas placed various places in it it's pink

this this works Peach fabric with plus signs on

it really close so you can see it and there you

fabric orange 345 in case you're wondering why

and we got lots to show you today too Andover

of Civil War color happening here it's it's in the

got those little designs uh randomly spaced see

orange number two and E6 6.99 yards this is not um

it in it it's by mode and um this is orange 318

you get motor fabrics for 6.99 okay I got monster

okay Elizabeth Studio this is a restock item we

you've got a a little child who likes Monster

or uh make a up a quilt with things that the kid

only it's only what 9.99 yeah 9.99 a yard okay

a dark steel gray and this is a cloth works from

roses on this but it goes with that line and by

if you buy the bundle and you need something that

Timeless Treasures made this one here we got beer

is a restock item we already sold through a bunch

going on there beverages number 115 and it's 699

I know designs for Timeless Treasures and

gold and we put this one in Basics Basics

little bit orange is really pretty and it's

okay this is Timeless Treasures here I got all

okay so I got Christmas trees in the back I got

there and yawn and then then the background color

of looks wintery all over the place and so if

for you here transit number 37. and it's 1250

wrong with it guys you guys should be

and it's only 6.99 Farm 209 Farm 209 this is blank

all right Timeless Treasures did this one here I

on a yellow blender with it has dark spots spots

though and so we got bees all over the place right

section bugs one six 119 and it's 12.50 a yard

this is on a green and cream background kind of

you got a you got a barn there a barn sea this

truck you got the Red Tractor this is really cool

it's a little life for me okay I got I got daisies

of daisies going on butterflies then we got other

color is is largely white but then some gray

happening uh and so it's in our plant section

The Roosters looks like chickens it's got to

roosters there's a rooster there yeah the roosters

and if you have a chicken and a rooster fan

wire has the chickens and the eggs all in one

Farm two ten by blank quilting okay this is also

chickens in there in their mess okay we we got

little Barn do we have a hen house uh we got

lover or just think they're fun and wanting to

number 213 farm toother and it's only 6.99 a

Wilmington dry brush Wilmington dry brush and

anything about dry brush from Wilmington this

okay this is more of that out to pasture by blank

to you so you can see all right because that

human's eyes hand and and in the background color

212 and it's only 6.99 a yard beautiful coral

dry brush those of you who uh know about dry brush

that Wilmington carries and this is basic 330.

and another out to pasture by blank another one

got eggs I got brown ones and light brown ones and

up okay and so we got all kinds of eggs happening

can find it peeking through behind it Farm number

eggs okay we probably have some eggs in the

a pinkish pinkish for ball dry brush and

okay and I've got some peeps okay some little

on the farm Thing by blank okay you got the big

very light shade of blue okay light shade

number 214 and once again it's only 6.99

beautiful light green and this is another dry

okay this is Henry Glass uh Cottonwood Stables

tans happening on this uh Browns Stripes going

how tight those plaids are going there and so we

a yard this is a beautiful blue green on the dry

and markdown we keep the markdowns available

stores 6.99 or less just letting you know that

really hard to find these clearance Fabrics it

it just means somebody over printed Basics 333 and

plaid just a moment ago okay and this is what was

those uh javtex Corporation company hi and we

we got we got we got it all okay this is kind

barn is in comparison to my hand so you got that

a variety of colors of Barns and and sceneries

or sub brand yeah branded your horse creatures

okay go with some horses packed horses of all

because we sold out of everything that we had in

and they are 12.50 and they are beautiful

that same line Kim was talking about went to

another one of that line all right if you got

we got Saddles we got halters we got hooks we

got boots we got Saddles we got we got helmets we

is is a tan that almost looks like grunge okay

uh grunge is beautiful this is beautiful it's

okay this is my blank quilting and this is part

of this stuff this live to ride is a motorcycle

Ken are these the um uh tire pressure tracks the

tired yeah let me hold it close so you can see

and this is really awesome geometrics geometrics

actually uh this is 12.50 and it's uh we're just

that this actually came out probably in January

guys to get so come and get it all right uh live

quilting and these stars on navy blue blender you

and shape and everything placement uh straight in

a yard and we decided to put all the motorcycles

and transportation so this is in transit If It

motorcycle helmets Transit 36 uh get them out of

uh Transit 36 and this one is 12.50 per beautiful

the line of fabrics okay we got motorcycles of

largely and then you have brown uh that sort of

on a diagonal so it seemed to give it some motion

Direction but guess what you're not they have

and all over the place either upside down or

to worry about being directional okay this

shop and you got some going this way and

direction so it is not directional job 186

okay this is a blank quilting lives most likely

have to work on the crazy thing and so we got

we got screwdrivers we got a we got ratchets

no that's not a nail that's a screwdriver I'm

in your tire uh it's in the wrong thing jobs

random stuff marble melting Treasures this has a

look to it and this is white 442 and it's 6.99

thing okay oh that's pretty cool this is Christmas

Rich hunting coat right there you go you got red

from Buffalo New York I guess holiday number 408

needing 12.50 for a yard for this stuff okay

at only 6.99 beautiful green brilliantly green

love nature 278 look how pretty that is the

is amazing it's a North cot and they their logo is

all right I got another Christmas Pride from you

some green stripes going in with the red ones

right there okay so it's very Christmassy so it's

projects holiday number 406 12.50 a yard okay

showed you it's called avocado love and it is by

print only with a white background instead of

is only 6.99 all right so this one here goes with

and so we've got the Buffalo plaid uh but

Santas and Santa hats and snowflakes

tan brown black ground background and

on there so it's very Christmassy it goes

holiday 407 12 58 yards okay I found while I was

Trend backdrop and this one is um from the

to license print and that is 9.99 and sorry we

trying to call us this is a bad time to do that

all right so if you got a girl who likes to drive

print John Deere uh Springs creative job 189 and

avocado love and this one has little words it's

nourish food 365 food 365 and it's only 6.99 a


I I'm not seeing uh but anyway all right

one here background color is a bright white

colors okay you got pinks and greens and yellows

and then you've got these balls

have any idea what in the world

yeah okay you held it the other

of the balls I don't know but it's

white 441 and it is only 6.99 yards

plaid and this is job job 187 and it is just 9.99

but we this has to be in the back room so we don't

and Stitch along those seams and you got your

that's cheap you need to be if you don't do John

and they'll love you forever because you can't

that kind of 10 bucks okay 9.99 I'm rambling I

behind uh these what looks to me like sort of

are a creamy white happy creamy what and Wyndham

a yard okay this is avocado love avocados again

in half and you can see the avocado pit so this is

of a distressed plaid okay uh some people might

uh is is to have a the print looks sort of fadey

all right almost the flesh tone of pink am I doing

oh Michael Miller did this

H conference Michael Miller we haven't met

Miller yet avocado love and this is on a black

see my hand on there so if you know somebody who

by northcott avocados are expensive right now but

here and it's and it's almost like a screen

thing so it's not a solid gray but it's a various

like a screen door um who did this uh Timeless

and it's only 6.99 okay I'm gonna have a couple

is Basics 334 by Wilmington okay and I will grab

was a different shade of light blue Basics 335

uh I got some abstract happening here all right

background color with trees with gumdrops on it

all sorts of things you know this this is pretty

um we're sort of on we're on Grand parenting

this pnb textiles it's in the abstract section um

got a basic here that's uh that stuff that Rachel

um Wilmington Prince did this all right so um it's

what do you call this stuff dry brush okay I don't

that's what they're not paint brush paintbrush uh

like a Periwinkle and this one is basically 6

okay now this here reminds me of the um what does

initially I thought of Amish um Pennsylvania

go yeah how about that uh so on a navy blue

and designs and a variety of different things

who birds of a feather Emma

um Birds 369 six then in the yard okay it's

shade yet so this is Basics 337 uh dry brush come

here we go uh we got we got Tans and Grays and a

spot where uh and then there's in the middle of

pairs be kind to others darling you look so

got really poor puns going on here and so you

um vegetables uh stripes and plaids number two

another dry brush dry brush this is the last dry

okay and I got words uh farmy words planning

Seed Company Little Sprouts uh and then you

got greens green peas radishes beets all kinds

than our text words number

um Timeless treasure I know you

but they are a natural board and this is

okey-doke so for the beer drinkers in our audience

beer words okay all on a solid black background

words pertaining to alcohol all right beer

we were gone to Houston they found my planted

this is a blue-green uh plant and this is blue

purple if you give me the yellow one can I'll show

planted with love this is all a better ticks line

somebody's on top of the thing and they found it

of this yellow 380 these are all only 6.99 now I

out of this so I'll be featured I'll put that up

okay Timeless Treasures now when you satisfied the

Winos uh we got words with wine winey words uh

uh but anyway um quirks all on a board-looking

Timeless treasure did There's words number 97

to this neutral and it's kind of a taupey gray

put together and this is part of that um choose

two yards left on this one let's see two yards

bought this evidently on Saturday or wouldn't have

pieces grade 419 and it's only 6.99 okay Timeless

me okay uh we we got a pitcher we got a basket

scenes we got a bucket and sand and a bicycle and

all uh Sandy off whitish uh colors in the

somehow or other this ended up in the Florida

tend to Trump everything else okay this is Mickey

this July 4th celebration in his car and it

it in movies because it's Mickey Mouse movies

why I send people for Mickey Mouse movies 231

Treasures we've got pollution right here you


looked like the Ohio River back in the

solution when we I don't know it's

like the stuff floating by when we were

well yeah yeah it's yeah but anyway uh it's a it's

gray spots and flecks and things like this uh

this needs a home folks it needs 12.50 a yard

you a problem what happened with all this Timeless

that um that row by row I bought all the Fabrics

up but I didn't so about three days before June

to contact and they said nope nope you didn't sign

to buy them so you get them online beautiful birch

the row by row summer Timeless treasure bugs 120

treasure this is Christmas okay candy canes

we got some snowflakes won't last long in

oh yeah so you can go inside yes and so

um so it's in the holiday section holiday number

this is live to ride burgundy background

flag and the stripes of the flag so this is

blank quilting it goes with all those other ones

Treasures Christmasy King Happening Here we got

no I'm sorry we got white on black uh we

snowflakes Happening Here we got a few words

you realize that it is only six months exactly

the ball here folks holiday 404 you have been

USA fabric this is the and it goes

is USA 104 by blank quilting and it is

um beautiful can you grab the the blue Christmas

this beautiful embroidery Christmas tree skirt

Frost fabric by Robert Kaufman I think or Michael

embroidery she did this all this embroidery on

blue yeah little girl's cape it's a Christmas

says Jesus got a bow on the back the way the way

a Christmas tree screw okay this is what it is

hours and hours and hours and hours to show you

in honor of that I'm going to put this fabric only

the net yeah the next 24 hours okay well I don't

you know the number on it no I okay show them

we we got another Christmas tree skirt blue

and uh we got embroidery different

and his reindeer flying across oops wrong side

and then around the bottom we got different

shop and we got a a yarn store and a quilt store

does that say quilted twins on it no it just says

know what it's got on your side because I've been

um and so the North Pole and Teddy's all done by

and so those are stores on right going on it's

you're watching this thank you for doing that this

guys are the first to hear about it I haven't even

in honor of Karen doing that for us so where

you are not tired you are not allowed to

oh you got to be here at nine well you usually

okay so we're gonna be here at nine ready for

9 30 and 12 30 and come at 9 15. if you want

just come now and stay the night it'll be all

this floor gets really hard oh yeah ask me how

naps no I felt it and fell on the floor and it

a couple weeks ago anyway we'll be here tomorrow

it's all going to be on the shelf or belong

yeah but they could come at 9 15 or 9 30. just

ready to go right early we so some of you need

okay come see us if you can otherwise order

bye thanks for watching bye bye bye bye bye bye