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Quilted Twins Fabric Show Jun 16 2023

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, grandparents and grandpas, kids of all ages, welcome to the Quilted Twins fabric show! We're thrilled to have you join us today. It's a beautiful day here in Florida, and we're finally getting some much-needed rain to cool things down a bit. Before we begin, we want to let you know that all the items we'll be showcasing today are already available on our website. Feel free to visit the website at your leisure to make a purchase. You can even pause the show if you need to, but we don't want you to miss a single moment of our presentation. Throughout the show, we'll be providing you with the location codes and prices of the fabrics we feature. Without further ado, let me introduce myself. I'm Ken, and joining me is my lovely assistant Rachel. We're here to show you some fantastic stuff today. It's like we're the quilting version of Pat and Vanna from Wheel of Fortune. Although Pat is retiring next year, it's not happening just yet. But let's dive into the fabric extravaganza! Now, we've been having a bit of a struggle keeping our dot fabrics in stock. People come to our store, grab those dots, and head home to create amazing things. So, today, we have some fabulous dot fabrics to showcase. We have a gray background with black boxes, white dots, and a different shade of gray dots. They are all randomly placed and vary in size. Some might call them Swiss dot size. Let's take a closer look at Dots number 296.296. I need to give you a heads up though, this fabric has "Joanne" on it. Please note that we only have about three items in the entire store with the "Joanne" label. Moving on, let's talk about batiks. We're restocking our batik room because you folks have been snatching them up like crazy. These batiks are priced at $9.99 each, and we'll have a wide selection available. I won't go into great detail about describing the swirls and patterns. Instead, take a look at the pictures and decide for yourselves. We currently have Batik 1656 in stock, not Batik 1657 (my apologies for the typo). In fact, we have around 600 different batiks to choose from, and they're selling like hotcakes. Next up, we have another lovely fabric to show you. It's a pin dot pattern. This time, it doesn't have the Joanne's label on it, and there's no specific name for it either. However, we can confirm it's not from Joanne's. The fabric features white dots on a pink background. You can find it in our pink section under the code Pig 434. We have a quantity of 60.90 yards available. Let's place this fabric in the dots category as well since it complements our collection. Now, here's an interesting fabric. It may appear pink to some, but it's actually purple. Yes, it's a bit tricky. This fabric belongs to the same batik line as before—Batik 1660. By the way, I hope it rains. We could use some rain in this part of Florida my poor flowers desperately need to rain this is batik 16 58.

my poor flowers desperately need to rain

this is batik 16 58.

Next up, we have some beautiful banner texts. These fabrics have one or more white dots, and they're approximately Swiss dot size. The dots are randomly placed and organized on a light shade of pink. They are priced at $6.99 per yard and can be found in our DOT section under the code Dots number 234699. Moving on, we have a boutique fabric with a purple base. Unlike the previous one, this fabric has other colors mixed in, giving it a more varied appearance. It's still a batik fabric and is priced at $9.99.

Now, let's talk about another fabric. It's not priced at $19.99 like the previous one. The correct price for this boutique fabric is $16.59. By the way, our phone is running low on battery, so if it suddenly dies, our show will come to an end. Moving on, I have more dots to show you. This time, we have red fabric with white dots. The dots are randomly placed, similar to Swiss dot size. They are scattered all over the fabric. You can find this fabric under the code Dots number 297, and it's priced at $6.99 per yard. Now, folks, get ready for some Disney magic! We have mug shots of Disney Princesses right here. If you have a little child who adores all the Disney characters, they'll love this fabric. It features all the Disney princesses on a single sheet of fabric.

It's probably from the "Cycle" or "Camelot" fabric collection, marked as number 212.


Absolutely, let's continue with the Disney theme! We have something special for all the Disney fans out there. This fabric is perfect, especially for Disney Springs creators. It's another pink boutique fabric, and it has a companion fabric that resembles a maze. It's like having your own little ant farm! Next up, we have a beautiful blue and purple batik fabric. These batiks are from the brand Benartex, specifically their Bali Boutique collection. The code for the first fabric is Batik 1684, and the code for the companion fabric is Batik 1680.

Let's continue with five more beautiful boutique fabrics. And guess what? We have another fantastic Disney print for you, folks. This time, it features Belle from "Beauty and the Beast." The fabric showcases Belle against a blue background, surrounded by lovely orangey-peachy flowers. In the image, she's reading a book, which reflects her love for reading. It's a wonderful theme to inspire young girls. You can find this fabric under the code Movies number 215, and it's priced at an affordable $9.99.

Wow, it's incredible that we have yet another Springs Creative fabric to share with you. And yes, it's another Disney fabric. This one is called "Princess Friends." The fabric features various princesses in shades of pink, purple, and blue. It belongs to the Movies collection and is labeled as number 213s by Springs Creative. You can purchase it for $9.99. Now, let's talk about some "Tiki Time" fabrics. I have both purple and periwinkle options available. They are from the brand Benartex, and all our boutiques are priced at $9.99. Specifically, Boutique 1677 is the darker shade.

Next, let's talk about another set of fabrics. We have three stunning colors for you: lavender, Caribbean, and a beautiful blend of blue and turquoise. We're committed to filling up our boutiques, and these fabrics are truly beautiful. However, we hope our internet connection remains stable. In case of any disruption, we'll make sure to put these fabrics away and take pictures to share via email. You can find this set under the code Boutique 1665.

Next, let's talk about another set of fabrics. We have three stunning colors for you: lavender, Caribbean, and a beautiful blend of blue and turquoise. We're committed to filling up our boutiques, and these fabrics are truly beautiful. However, we hope our internet connection remains stable. In case of any disruption, we'll make sure to put these fabrics away and take pictures to share via email. You can find this set under the code Boutique 1665.

Next up, we have a similar concept—a blue fabric with a solid-ish batik appearance. It's labeled as 1672. Now, let's switch gears briefly and explore some non-batik fabrics to diversify our selection. Here's an aqua fabric with a beautiful turquoisey blend. It has a smooth texture and belongs to the boutiques collection by Benartex. You can find it under the code Boutique number 1671, and it's priced at $9.99.

Now, let's shift our focus to some delightful licensed fabrics. I'll make sure to capture images of all the boutiques and share them with you via email. The first one I want to highlight is an exquisite Ohio State Paisley fabric. It's a licensed design, marked as 189, and priced at $12.50.

Next, we have two lovely green pea soup-colored boutiques. One is darker, and the other is lighter. These fabrics are perfect for creating an ombre or bargello effect. The darker one is labeled as 1663, while the lighter one is marked as 1662. Both of them are priced at $9.99. Moving on, we have an adorable fabric featuring rabbits. These cute creatures are designed by Elizabeth Studios under the collection name "Creatures." The code for this fabric is 135, and it's priced at $12.50. Now, let's take a look at a pink batik fabric. Although it appears slightly washed out, the lighter and darker shades still have a noticeable effect. It belongs to the batik collection and is labeled as 1661.

Great! We decided to include more of the solid-ish batiks priced at $9.99 because we noticed that many of you were purchasing them. However, we also have a variety of brightly colored and vibrant batiks available, even though we're giving away free patterns. We want to provide what you're looking for. Moving on, we have a stunning fabric called "Angus Cowl" featuring beautiful Angus cows. This fabric is not a batik but falls under the "Creatures" collection. The code for this fabric is 43, and it's priced at $12.50.

We have another beautiful boutique fabric in aqua. This fabric has a pattern that resembles raindrops or water droplets, which is quite fitting as it's currently raining outside. The code for this fabric is 1664, and it's priced at $9.99 per yard. Next, we have a fabric featuring travel flags, similar to those you might find on boats or used for signaling. This fabric is categorized under our travel section, with the code 265, and it's available for only $6.99. There's a slight shade difference between these two pink fabrics. The one in the front is slightly darker than the one at the back. Both fabrics fall under the pink category and have a blended, washed-out look. The lighter pink fabric has the code 1678.

Next, we have a fabric that complements our collection of hot air balloon panels. This incredible fabric is designed by Thomas Treasures. Each hot air balloon in the fabric represents something unique and is owned by different individuals. You can find this fabric in our Hobbies section, with the code 357.

Next, we have a beautiful Disney princess fabric featuring Jasmine from the movie Aladdin. The fabric showcases Jasmine in her iconic belly dancer suit, surrounded by aqua and purple floral elements. You can find this licensed Disney print with the code 214, priced at 9.99 per yard. Before the power goes out, let's quickly talk about some dots fabric. We have a lovely fabric with tiny white dots on a pink background. You can find this fabric in our dots section, with the code 295, and it is priced at 6.99 per yard.

Alright, next up we have two variations of peachy pink fabric. The front one has a slightly darker shade, giving it a more peachy tone, while the back one leans towards a pink hue. These fabrics are numbered as 1681 and 1690, both priced at 9.99 per yard. Moving on, we have a solid white fabric. It's a classic, bright white that can be a versatile addition to your projects. This fabric is priced at 6.99 per yard. We will be here tomorrow, ready for you at 9:15 in the morning. Don't forget to join us!

Next, we have a yellow batik fabric with a washed out and blendery appearance. It's a soft, muted yellow tone. The fabric is numbered as 1682. Alongside it, we have a limey green batik fabric with a similar washed out effect. This fabric is numbered as 1683. Both of these batiks are priced at 9.99 per yard. Now, let's talk about a special fabric. It's called "Fairy Flakes Extra Large" by Tula Pink. This fabric features a white-on-white design, perfect for use as a backing fabric. It's labeled as SB 655, with SB standing for Special Backing. The price for this fabric is 25 per yard. Before the power goes out, I wanted to make sure you had a chance to see this beautiful backing option.

Next, we have a white-on-white backing fabric by Tula Pink called "Fairy Flakes Extra Large." I apologize for the incorrect price mentioned earlier. The correct price for this fabric is $25.98 per yard. Moving on, we have two coordinating fabrics, one in pink and the other in purple. The purple fabric is labeled as 1693, while the pink one is numbered as 1694. Both of these fabrics are created by Benartex. Additionally, we have a multi-colored dot fabric on a white background. This fabric features dots in various colors such as red, blue, green, yellow, and purple. Unfortunately, there doesn't appear to be any orange dots in this particular design. The fabric is labeled as dots 156 and is priced at $6.99 per yard. It's a versatile fabric that can complement various projects, including panels.

Next, we have a baby blue boutique fabric followed by a green fabric. The baby blue fabric is labeled as Boutique and offers a soft and delicate blue shade. The green fabric, on the other hand, is a vibrant green color, which can be described as chartreuse. The chartreuse green fabric is numbered as Boutique 1692.

No problem, let's move on. The next fabric is a set of dots. These dots are in various colors and are arranged on a white background. The fabric is labeled as Dots 163 and is available for 9.99.

I apologize for the confusion, but I believe there was an error in the text. It seems that the specific fabric numbers for the orange and blue patterns were not provided. However, you mentioned that both fabrics have a dotty circular pattern and are intended for Florida Gator fans.

Batik 1689 is a stunning fabric that features intricate designs with elements like moons, stars, and other captivating patterns. This fabric is available in both purple and periwinkle variations, allowing you to choose between these two lovely shades. When comparing them side by side, you can easily notice the subtle difference in color and appreciate the unique charm each one offers. Whether you're drawn to the rich and regal appeal of purple or the delicate and soothing hue of periwinkle, both options are sure to enhance your creative projects. Batik 1689 is priced at $6.99 per yard, making it an excellent choice for adding a touch of elegance to your sewing or crafting endeavors.

Beautiful boutiques by Benartex, these Bali batiks are truly stunning. The first one, 1688, features a unique design with swirls reminiscent of troweling glue for carpet installation. The second one, 1690, showcases intricate leaf patterns. Both fabrics are priced at $9.99. Moving on to another fabric, we have a civil war green fabric by Andover. It has an olive green base with hints of very dark green, creating a captivating design. This fabric is part of our civil war collection and is priced at $6.50 per yard. We have sold quickly before it sells out again, we highly recommend visiting our store. The Civil War Green fabric has been a popular choice among our customers due to its unique design and historical significance. Don't miss out on the opportunity to add this fabric to your collection. Hurry in and secure your yards before it's gone!

is the batik with the trowel look, and the boutique number 1691 features vines and strawberry-like designs. Both fabrics are beautifully designed and priced at 9.99. The trowel batik showcases a rich shade of blue, while the vine and strawberry batik offers a unique pattern. Don't miss out on these fabulous options for your creative projects.

This white on white fabric features a swirling marbling pattern that resembles an oil spill. It adds a unique and mesmerizing touch to any project. Don't miss out on this beautiful fabric, priced at 9.99.

is 1669. Both of these batik fabrics feature a design that resembles splashes of water, giving them a unique and artistic look. The beach-themed batik is a peachy color, while the pink one adds a vibrant touch. These fabrics are priced at 9.99 each.


see these tiny little itsy bitsy dots scattered all over the white background. It gives a subtle and delicate texture to the fabric. This fabric is priced at 6.99 and is perfect for adding a touch of whimsy to your projects.

see it it's got an itsy bitsy design on

it no flowers why it's one of our

favorites white white 25 6.99

Thank you for sharing the details about the fabrics. It seems like you have a variety of batiks, including different shades of green, peach, pink, and white-on-white designs. You also mentioned some specific patterns like the sheep fabric, cat heads on turquoise, and beach-themed fabrics. It's great that you have coordinating options available. If anyone is interested, they can visit your website or store to explore the fabrics further. You mentioned that you'll be open tomorrow, and you're ready to assist customers with their fabric needs. Have a great day!