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Luck of the Irish November 14th Fabric Show

Rachael Hey everybody, this is Rachel with QuiltedTwins. And it appears as though I am partnerless today. Ken is not here yet. So I'm going to try this by myself and see what happened. And I think he'll show up before too long. And he perhaps thought we weren't going to do this because Cheryl is out of town. But we're glad I'm glad to see you here. And I see we have four people already. I hope you can hear me. I'm over by the computer making sure that the video is good. So okay, okay. Thank you. Steven even said he could hear me. So I will proceed. I will proceed with all those niceties I usually can talk about. I'm Rachel and this is my silent partner, Ken, who hopefully will pop through that door at any minute. We have a bunch of fabrics here. Let's see I have 123456788 cards. Full. And I'll be showing them to you.

These are already on the website. So you can go right now and get them ordered. You do not have to wait until the end. But of course you don't want to miss anything. But Unlike Ken I don't have any jokes because I'm not much of a jokester. I'm all about getting it done. I know some of you like that idea. And some of you love his really, really really corny jokes. I don't know if you ever noticed that sometimes I'm in the back cringing because his jokes are so corny, but I'm gonna get started and maybe he'll show up. I did send a message. I haven't heard from him hoping he's okay. We've been really busy today. We mailed out around 50 of the body Hunter packs and I did send out an email a little bit ago wanting to know if you guys are interested in the new civil war ones I've batik ones and of course an unlimited number of the regular Bonnie Hunter packs. So I'm gonna get started on this.