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Timeless Treasures, Hoffman, and CARS! November 11th Fabric Show

Hey fans it is I Ken. I am back from my journey. I've been driving for about eight hours today and got up at 430 and headed south to a camp of which I am on the board of directors and was there for a retreat. And so have a good time got spent some time my son Andy there and I understand you have been installed here when I was done so I'll have to survey the damage and see what's what's what's happening here and in good old days city came directly in store and started helping get ready for the show. Oh, all right, the items that we'll be showing you are already on the website.

Okay, can you hear us and

we're trying the Poppy out the box thing. I don't know what the world is, but it's supposed to show you the location or something of these things. My technologic surely Clemens can use the

sense he can hear us so that

he is giving us to be able to do that. So but nevertheless, you might not have the spec bathroom, jot down the location code so you don't have to wait from our show or, or or, or, or miss anything at all and you're getting, you know on the website and order these things right away and some of these items are restocked. They sent us more out. Like for example, this one that I have in my hand. We've sold a ton of this to bag makers and one's got splotches, it's not a paint dot paintball war. And so I think some of the bag makers might have made paint but paintball carrying cases or something with this rainbow 104 timeless treasures 12th Er

Okay, here's another rainbow and this one has little tiny colored stones on blue and this one is let's see what company made this one? Do E to E. Rainbow 9911 50.

Okay, here's something that looks pretty basic to me as Thomas treasures. And see it's just your basic swirly whirly colors of blue greens happening on this one. And so it's pretty nifty though. Basics 146 999 yard

We started that new category called basics. So you're gonna see some basics today. And this is another one this is purple and it looks like fossil frog or something but this is by timeless treasures and basics 145 And it's only 9.99

okay, cool treasures, maybe this one here you know all kinds of colors going on in this one here. A lot of colors. I would associate it with the Southwest there. So if you're making something pertaining to that Spanish southwest, definitely a border strike. Okay. I said it was close to Twitchers I think already geometrics number 76.

A nurse or a doctor in your life as a doctor in house is a beating heart. So if your heart isn't beating, you need this fabric. And this fabric is by Henry glass. It's called Big hugs. And it's career 109 And it's on white, white hearts. It's got little red heartbeat see the EKG and this is 699 We've just down down we put this one on sale clearance

The nurse said that whoever's EKG is okay, this looks to me like frost on the windshield of a car or something. Okay. Got Hoffman, Heartland Heartland made this one. And you got frosty looking ice looking blues happening on that one basics. 185 Land 50 yard

These are beautiful pink hummingbirds in purple. This is called hummingbird heaven by Elizabeth Isles for studio II. Hummingbird heaven, birds, birds 345 bird See 45 And that's only 69 It used to be 1150. So just like that, drop the price. So coming.

Just speak and I happen to Wow. Kind of like God creating the world. This one here's kind of like God creating the world. Right you've got all this mist the color blender happening purples and blues. This kind of goes with that fast the one I had up a moment ago saying Hoffman basics 182 don't want to think this will carry this boat. We do. We do have a new bolt of it. But Don't delay any way back when he says here yard

Okay, this is another hummingbird. This is from the hummingbird heaven line. And this one is a beautiful floral print is have pink and yellow flowers on a light blue this is floral 738 407 38 With a light blue variegated background and see look it has kind of a white and blue background 6.99

Okay, even though this one here is Hoffman and Turtle Bay is by Nora caught. This color would go okay with the Turtle Bay fabrics. Turtle Bay is the thing that we've been showing and selling like crazy. It's a restock of something that was extremely popular on the first print. And so as a result

here, here's that and then it's got all these coordinates there. And this one

guys this one we just put up as a class last night. So this is going to be this bag is going to be a class with salted guessing and Julie's gonna have all the things that we need to do this fancy.

Let's see what I mean about this one here. Going with that on there, even though they're made by two different companies. I mean, it's like North Korea, North Korea versus Hoffman. I mean it's like, it's like Cadillac going up against Lincoln Continental. Okay to top of the line companies. Yep. And so this is basic 23 and his love for the art Okay, and

This is our Chevrolet Okay. Elizabeth house for studio II. We just love them. Okay, we love our dependable Chevrolet, this is a floral 737 Actually I have I have done Chrysler's so this is my Chrysler flow 739 Studio II beautiful fabric but if i had to rate Yes. And Hoffman is definitely top of the line.

Okay, here's Mr. Hoffman. Geometric looking thing here wondering sort of thing. Basics 184 Once again, loving 50 yards. Oh, she's wandering. I better grab something quickly and get dead air.

I've given Stephen a chance. I don't know what he needs.

Hey, okay, I got this that has more purple in it. Same company, same Hoffman company but it's the same Misty looking a little more purple than blue. This time. They fix 181 Lamphere the art

studio II once again this beautiful hummingbird habit. And this beautiful border Stripe Fabric. Just beautiful. And this is Flo 737. I'm gonna have to look up some more words for the word beautiful because it's stunning. And looking at the color on this very defined this is 407 37 and it's just 699 Okay,

Have you got a nurse that you're loving or making something for? This is a fun one for now. Band Aids. Okay. Band Aids, criss cross band aids with hearts in the middle of bright white background color happening on that career 108 career 108 And that means it's only 6.99 a yard.

Yes, that was 1150 a couple of weeks ago. Okay, this is a beautiful basic by Norscot and if you think it looks like a stolen hand, guess what same company. This North card slogan is a concept. And these really do. These are beautiful fabrics, basics 117 12.50 a yard and it is part of the line called spirited which is a horse panel. The horse sold out however, sorry it took so long to get the fabric up. But we just had so much fabric to put up but I do have some of the half yard bundles. They're called spirited and I'll go get one in a minute. Henry glass

I made this one and the last one that I held up the band aid one but anyway you got so one thing pertaining to sewing going on here. You've got buttons you've got patches you got stitches showing you've got pin cushions, dangling pin cushions and stuff. All kinds of fun stuff happens there. And so if you're making something pertaining to quilting sewing, sewing one ADA Henry bath buck for only 6.99 a yard.

I don't have any more of the spirited, happier bubbles up there and also down. This is a beautiful place to be a six winning team by North cod as part of the spirited line. Once again, this would look great with any of your animal prints. If you've got a deer or elk or something like that to be great with 1250 Yeah, that's

a good hunting pattern. So if you're doing something for sportsmen and you want something camo like okay, this is another Henry glass that kind of goes with the band aids one that I held up a minute ago. We got kitty cats with Red Cross first aid kits. Okay, on a royally blue background. But having little kitty cats to the rescue with the first cat. My cat wouldn't care if I got her dogs and cats 172 6.99 a yard.

Hey, look at this one. Air is another really nice door cat. And this is still going well. So sold the boat off the shelf without even having to on the website basics 12.50 and 115 is 12.50 and it's a beautiful brown kind of a mustard Brown.

Oh good. I know not on and maybe blue. All kinds of colors of dots. The dots here. See in comparison to my thumb. I would say as they are. They're like eight dots. But they're all different colors on different placements. Oh you don't have your ducks in a row. Who did this? Toy gallery. That's number 264. And it's only 6.99 a yard.

Yes is a horse to prep for shoes in the sand. This is by Northcott. And it is part of that year that we predict creatures and that creatures 92 is talking to you and as you know if you want everything from the same line you can drop down under collections and get them or you can type in spirits. I'm telling you that's part of the line but we are making categories in the background.

Okay, and here I've got on black, bigger dots. Okay, once again, all different colors and all their placements, none of them in a row. We got to meet the good folks from the cool Marcus didn't call it market. Rainbow 1029 Maybe that yard

Okay, look at this one. Here we go with more spirited and this one looks like all water. Maybe it's kind of luring or Sky One or the other mixing What's your brown and could be the dirt could be the horizon. But it's really cool basics 118 And this one is 12.50 yard by Northstar

detector on here, Henry glass. Oh yeah, we got puppies. Okay. nothing cuter than puppies. We got border prints of the puppy here. Okay, notice at the top we got puppies at a picnic. Puppies at a picnic that harks and then puppies in having headshots there and then we go back to puppies in a picnic and more headshot. So if you're a dog lover, how much puppies, pets, pets 100 And this is 9.99 A yard

What a deal. Now on the strike to Henry glass. They give us that for those table runners with the 90 degrees look at this is another spirited one from North cat. Now. This one is they fix 170 basics 117 12.50 a yard and these are available on the website quilted Go there now.

Okay, and I've got the basics here. Or this thing looks a lot like grunge. It does. But it's different though. It's a stone. Okay, the cross between grundon Stone okay Northcutt basics 116.

Look at this. Look at this gorgeous border print. Why strike? Anyway put this around any course panel that you have. This is just beautiful and I'm sorry to say they added spirited bundles. So you'll have to just use this white stripe and put it into quote creatures maybe three. Well 50s We have another horse? Yes, we do.

With mud clay. The good replacement. All right, so our age is holding up things like this for a little while here. And so once again we got sort of a a print that would be like a camo but a little bit different basics 120 called 50 yard North cop made it

out. Okay, now we're going to go into some of the fabrics in the beginning fabrics. It's called Safari. And this is Jason Yenter does these and in the beginning by Jason Yenter. And this is called Safari so it kind of looks like one of those theories. It could be animal skins, it just could be anything. And this one is only 69 abstract 23 It was just put on clearance down into the clearance section so it's 6.99

or greater drivers. We got to show him something Christmassy Rachel because they got to review Remember Christmas with that? Okay, so we got green and gold and red. Christmas colors happening here are a little bit rusty. rusty orange. It's a very very very Christmasy thing here, holiday number 306.

And I found that this one is a Liberty. We should this one because it is pricey. This is a Liberty Liberty of London stop pricey. It's not priced to here it's only 999 but it's liberty and liberty of

yourself. No I am buying my shoe and is almost

terrible if you would have tripped and fallen all of our

liberty booth to use to mark yes,

I guess I stopped by their books but I didn't say anything because we already have liberty fabrics. And they're only 999 here and they wanted to charge us almost 999 wholesale there. And so I couldn't do it. Holiday 379 99 This is a beautiful fabric. Just people, it is a Liberty Liberty of London. Like Lloyd's of London. Yes

This is where real Christmas is. Yeah you got Bethlehem Stars and then you ain't got a blender blue. All right. Starts with a royal blue and then goes Hey, hello Hannah purple in that blue. But, nevertheless, holiday number 305 Love the yard. Get it here. Holding treasures. Okay,

this one is for Steven abstract 20 abstract 20 And this is a beautiful fabric. This is part of Safari. Yes Safari and once again we just down price this one from 1150 Dropped it to 6.99 beautiful digital print. And it is stunning. It looks like it could be water. It could be whatever abstract 26 many

turnovers looks like the tiki as the teeth may have got another holiday print going on here. Green and Gold happening. Green and Gold Christmasy colors happening. Clothing treasures made it once again holiday number 307 live in 50 yard

if you like the last one that I showed you but you wanted something a little more purple. This is the one for you as part of the supporting line by in the beginning created by Jason yenter and Mr. Jason units are in his mom I they seem to be the ones running in the beginning abject 22 And it's only 699 It was 1150 So I hope you caught that and I hope you guys are sharing our website with other people because many people to know that we are here

shades of courier and I yeah see here. Okay, my mom had plates that had scenes from the turn of the century happening here. And so you got people out . It's a line called a frozen pond and we have a panel. There's a panel North caught that made it okay and so it's very, very wintry, Christmassy. But

There's a pale North pot that made it okay. And so it's very, very wintry Christmassy. But I don't see any Christmas trees. Just people out there on the pond.

It's like I escaped. They do that in the middle of Times Square.

Yeah, I don't know why. They don't know me there because I mean it's New York and they don't know what they're doing anyway. It happened during season number 20. That the seasons w 25. Winter. Oh, is that how that's being done? We haven't learned I've learned bugs. Oh, God matric on the 99

you want to watch him tomorrow. It'll be funny. Life. This is abstract number 21 Part of that Safari lives in this beautiful. It's beautiful and it's only six. It used to be 5699 today.

Okay. Henry Glass is Yes. I'm really glad. Got the luck of the Irish going on. We got barley lovers, shamrocks. I suppose Slattery got excited around. She married into the Irish Okay. Irish number 14. Latin 58. Dr. Henry VAs made it

so do you need a creature which one is this one can

slow tiger or a zebra

zebra. Zebra

might it black. A creature that has a white background with white stripes. A white black creature? Yes. Black. We put in an increase. Creatures add to the creatures 82 It's a level 50 A yar and it is by Studio E. Swapping.

Okay, got some more Irish fire. Yeah, we've got the blog. We've got the kilts. That's got it. Anyway, we got green clouds with a gold stripe in the green plans and on this one very, very Irish. St. Patty's day we'll be here again. Irish number 16. London 50 yards. I assume Henry Henry last.

Okay, this is a grind grind by Moda and this one is a beautiful lemon yellow they call it let's see limit lemongrass. Beautiful light yellow fabric. Branch magnitude range is 1150

yard okay here is a grunge here that's a little more golden Roddy. It'll say it'll say the name on the other end on the other.

Steven sorry, we're onto the new stuff now.

chiffon, Shabbat that's like on

the top of the pie. Yeah, that's kind of bad and it's fluffy. The white stuff on top of the lemon pie. Marine

Chiffon is the fluffy stuff that is shipbob. lemon chiffon pie just means this real fluffy.

Fun was the warning. Sorry. I thought Marines were casting the net.

I can tell that I love marine smart cooking. Okay, this one is sugar, sugar cookies. And this is a white. This is kind of a creamy white has lube with a peach in it to see that peach. This is a grunt and has like rain in a peach run to anyone and the grinders are lifted. And those of you who didn't know that kit, would you say we have what about 300 250 to 300 different ranges

that the back end grunge backing to

we just got more and more your own

yes grind is one of the most popular things you sell around here. Okay, we have sold a ton of these books. All right. And we got responses on both of these books. Yes, the bag makers, the bag ladies, they love to make bags out of these books and we have Catholic book bags. Yeah comes from a line that has a cat sitting on the shelf. My hobbies are number 20: Something about cats and reading. We have folks who do that, like Margaret Paul 50 A yard for the library. Okay hobbies number 20

Okay, this is another part of my hobby because I think it was called hummingbird heaven hummingbird heaven by Elizabeth UltraStudio eat and this is actually plants but so we put in floral. These are beautiful flowers for 740 Sorry see more in the new territory for all 740 And it's just

699 Okay, now I got three in a row here the plate together was one of the rounds I just had stood yo e alright so on this navy blue background we got these little Posey things. Winter flowers that bloom in the snow remember those? We're in South Carolina Yeah, floral 739 What help me out here folks. What are the little flowers that bloom and the smell for all 739 6.99 yard for

theory. Okay, this one is dockside by Barb Tortall Eddie or Henry glass. And this is the canoe with the dog on it. And I'm a Canadian. Christian though. Yeah, hobbies 276 11.50 yard

are our snowbirds. Coming

very slowly, but they're bringing their dogs and

trailer from Ontario and

they're coming to Dade city. Okay, I got it more often.

More Lake Effect things are happening here. I got trout jumping. I got ducks. Women. Dock logs, big. We got different types of ducks happening but that's definitely a trout there. Jonathan. And so are Lily pods. Henry glass made this hobbies too to seven 711 People yard free fisherman

or the fisherman and look at this way. I don't know why we still have this one. This is a birds of paradise called floral bloom by Catalina Estrada. And I tell you this is just stunning. And the reason why it's a part of the birds of paradise line is that it kind of looks like the tail of theirs. They took the flowers off the tail of the birds and made it to its own, like plants. 2211

Okay, Marcus fabrics now, Marcus makes a lot of civil war free things. Oh, that's fabric folks pay attention. 108 inches wide. So if you're doing a Civil War II thing and you want a backing for it, this one's for you. Okay, the background color is a tan and then you have a whole bunch of body things when we get close enough for you to see. Okay, see the dots how the dots are clumped and clustered. And so breaks it up somewhere. And cataract no no. Yeah. Taking my picture while I'm trying to do this

by the people seeing your picture on the other side of the camera. But the height of the

looking pretty rough.

You are this whole kind of fabric up in front of it.

I got up at 430 and I threw my clothes on and I didn't shower shave or anything. I just got in the truck and drove specially backing SB five six for 1690 69

Yes, that was 2.4

This is way cheap.

Yeah, it's cheaper than the regular fast 699 fabric.

I mean, you could use this on the front. Oh yeah, it is. Oh, yeah.

That's crazy cheap is the fabrics that we have in the store per yard for that quality. Okay, this is a beautiful spirit to create. Birds in paradise, but we call this one plant because it is good night dahlias. Dahlias, okay, beautiful dahlias plants 23. Like I said, we are remembering things so that they will be in with their other categories of like plants. So not looking at birds. So that's all done online. But if you're in the store, looking for plants, look at the

plants. Steven these are still things that were snuck into. So here are the snowbirds.


Michiganders? Yeah, right. There's Michiganders. Oh Are there new york line information to Florida? There you go flying in the sky colors in the background. Hurry. Bugs

are in about any other bug. The cat converts the bugs category

for 79 Mercanti are

called wings that we don't keep getting all these wings. I didn't have any more space at the end.

Like the Greeks and just invent letters. Yeah.

And that was Dr. Seuss. Do you know what Dr. Seuss? who

Invent words? Yeah, letter.

Okay, here we go. dots, dots. 263 beautiful. blue background. Beautiful blue background by the gallery. It was fun to get to be quiet. It was fun to get the choice people and they're a young couple that just bought choice and choices and when they crossed the gallery I think you got it

you got it. Mines are bigger data you're not see some small amount of difference there. Okay, and but it's got the navy blue in the background colors and then all of those colors colorful dots happen for a little kid who would love to have bright, colorful dots. On there. Whenever grandma made four dots. For that matter, I can see a teenage girl wanting some pajamas made of this. Yes. Does six to 6.99 a yard Okay.

That's a very good price here. Just says

not to me

search and fine. You don't have to always obey all the rules.

They don't want you to catch fire. Yeah, but

we don't want to catch fire anyway. Okay. I don't think that if you have water out flameproof pajamas, if your house is on fire, you're gonna sit around and wait and see if it catches fire. Okay, some ways the word Kayfun here before stood up in concert talking about fire. But anyway, this fabric is black and white with the word cake in here somewhere. I see it right at the top


Never go on my fingers on it K FFP and design Cafe stock Kathy it's keith. It's like K for path is like safe assets. So that's how he says it. K fascinates. bangers fam Yes, I got a picture with him. And if that wasn't today's vlog, tomorrow's all about Rachel. Can you be the big wigs so make sure you read the blog post tomorrow. Okay, so

here finalizes finally yes yes is a case thing here happened and there we go. Full blue thing happened there. And so this was already up on the website. It was just laying here so grab 537 yards left

to go make sure it's up. Okay, we're tired kinsmen drive it for a long time. It's been almost 12 hours and he's been busy. And now. Yeah, now we have to go. Okay, listen, I won't be here tomorrow. I'm gonna make sure he gets a rest stop. Okay, okay, we're gonna be here tomorrow. And don't forget that we did side by side adding the class for the call. To Bay bag. We do have two spots available for our Advent Calendar class that's on Thursday. So make sure you sign up if you're long ways away. Sorry about that. I wish you could come and come to this as far as we can. We'll be here. This has been Rachel for quilted twins icon. Bye bye

bye bye bye some more.

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