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Quilt Fabric Collections From Fabric Shows Part 1

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Oh yes, fabric.

Okay, so look at how around the edge we've got this zoo and this one's called at the zoo panel. Aqua just found some really cool birds nests and somewhat looks like eggs. Let's see here. This is called hen house and those are eggs. So if you've got somebody that likes to eat eggs for breakfast they can eat them fried or they really enjoy chicken. Let me hold it up really close. So you can see that. That's really cool. Then we have these hen house birds nests and this is a really cool fabric so somebody who loves farm birds or anything like that. This was so cool if any of you who know me know we love music. And this one is a musical fabric. It has names of composers. I see but they've all been Tchaikovsky Schubert Schumann. Schumann lived, so that was okay, then this one's really nice. You don't, you gotta look at this.. This is the camera. Okay, this is really rich looking. This is more music in a beautiful rust and brown. So what I was soon as I get these out, those of you music lovers, you're going to need to grab these okay? They aren't beautiful Okay, so I have this music one, which is a bunch of lines but this is really cool. It's cream with black music. And another orange. This is called brie and this is a pretty pattern as well. Can you see down? Okay, I'll try to go as quickly as possible because I know you have other things to do. But this pretty red one kind of looks like the orange one I had earlier. This is called three and it is red. It's kind of a I don't know pinky red. And this is beautiful. This one looks clunky. And this is multi Paisley. Green. Like Paisley. Do you know what? If they would ask me to name them I would never call this Paisley and Lacey but not peasy. Okay. Never any doubt my last two, another one of these. This is called free and this is a we would call this a light teal or a teal is beautiful. And I have this now in three colors that were alive

I was ready.

Just right out let me just double check if

we got to talk for a little while. Hello, everybody wants to show you some things tonight? Can I get a Glock? Yes. This is the defenders of freedom panel and quote panel number four to eight four to eight. It's sort of a desert storm kind of look. And to go with that we have some coordination, though here we have helicopters, paratroops airplanes, jets and then we have to go with it also wording from the Declaration of Independence. I believe it is the constitution. What is that in order to form a more perfect union? And then also coordinating. We have some camo desert stormy looking kind of camo

horse horesen this gorgeous horsing around. We have this for $9.99 and all of our cat fabric, the cabinetry cattitude Okay, these are these are $9.99 this is under cat, the cat attitude. And then we have the dog on it as well. So we have a whole section here I'm going to back up so you can see it then we have Christmas Yeah, we have a Christmas cat. Yeah. So if you plan ahead, you might want to get the Christmas cat. Okay. The horse and if you hadn't seen the horse and around at all is especially nice if you can get one of those down like number 21 Look at those gorgeous colors. Just the most gorgeous colors. Everybody really really enjoyed us whether they like horses or not because the colors are especially nice. So that's what I had a little boy

I'd love to have

some look at guys look at this because these are such a small pattern. They would be really really great for mass whereas if you get a great big pattern, you got to plant it right there in front of the face and these are travel 111 112 And let's say 113 So three different car, fabric set even if you don't want to promass they're absolutely really cool Hey there guys, this is Rachel with filter And I just wanted to show you all the characters that we got in and it's a lot easier to do that via Facebook Live than it is to show you the pictures on the email because I'll be here forever with the email. So I'm going to bring you over to where we have them and take some time and show you some of our character so say hi if you're with me. So let's see I'm gonna go see if anybody's on Okay, so let me know if you in the comments if you can't see anything I want to show you some of the characters that we have. We have a lot of really cool characters that we just got in. These are all on the new fabrics page. And this is Yogi Berra, who seemed Yeah. The other yogi and Yogi Berra, okay. Hey there somebody said hi. Okay. Glad to know you're still on. Okay. Yogi Berra. And we have a bunch of Disney stars that look like Belle from Beauty and the Beast. And somebody came in and bought two yards of that today. We have my husband's least favorite Disney character of all time, Little Mermaid because she's pretty much a spoiled brat. So there you have it. We have Dora. So we have Dora. She's really cute and kind of classic, having been around for quite a while. Then we have these characters from Warner Brothers, Bugs Bunny. And who else are these guys? Bugs Bunny? Remember, Tweety Bird. Here let me check the Facebook thing and show a couple people last time they said even that went out. They said it was still going on. So

Marvin the Martian Okay, and is this a little bell from Beauty and the Beast? In purple and then we got some and we got Mickey Mouse himself here in orange sort of a nautical theme. You can see it on the screen.

But we can't see. Yeah, well here do you so you sign this? Hey guys, Lion King. Oh, this is really cute. What's his name? Anyway?

Oh, Tinkerbell is almost gone. And we have some other Tinker things. Yeah, yeah. Oh, yeah. Do a search here.

We got those puppy dogs from 101 Dalmatians. I have them upside down. Are they adorable? Really cute. You don't have to actually be a Disney fan to like this one. This one's really cute. Yeah. 101 Dalmatians.

Listen to your dreams. Replace the release of the power within the world. Yeah, I think that's from the Batman's on this

line. Hey, my hair. That's fine. That's better than we do. I think that's Lion King. Simba. I think that's Lion King. And so these are really cool characters. If you know anybody that wants mass or just a quilt made of these.

We got some Avengers or Incredible Hulk. For other Marvel characters, maybe Marvel.

I think there's Rapunzel for longer hair. Yeah, here's Black Widow. See, I don't know these characters very well, but I could read and say Black Widow right at the end so I know who that one is. And then this one like this has been really super popular for masks because it has all the little bit of characters on it. So this one you can design your mass you can take and put your characters right there in the front. We got up over 100 or around 100 bolts of different characters in the last couple of days. We know that we had sold out of several of the Marvel ones that you guys live so cats come in over with a couple more

that are good. Okay, we've got four here with thunder Dodd. And it looks like a whole cartoon feature and then we got a mixture of different super people. Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, lightning guy.

And then we have GI Joe. Here's the GI Joe. And this is gonna be a classic for boys. It's all in blue. Has the men in army uniform. And we have this one on charcoal. Those are the heads of DC Comics Batman, whoever Batman is. Okay. And then this marvel one and their Iron Man comics like that. So these are really cool and they have small prints

and we have these Avengers words okay.