Varied Red Batiks - 10 Piece Half Yard Bundle Pack

Varied Red Batiks - 10 Piece Half Yard Bundle Pack

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These 10 half yard pieces are perfect if you don't want a whole yard, but you want to add a bunch of red Batik fabrics from a variety of manufacturers to your collection.

  • 100% Cotton

  • Half Yard (approx. 18" x 42")

  • Beautiful Anthology and Tonga Batiks, among others.

  • Batiks are hand died and these are made in Bali, Indonesia.

  • 10 Individual Pieces totaling 5 yards of fabric.

  • We will simply be folding these up and leaving them all together in one clump. They will not be neatly tied and delivered in a bundle as the fat quarters are. This will save you money!

  • Each of these features the color red in some way. The one that has a variety of colors has a strip of red in MOST of the half yard pieces. Some half yard pieces might not get the red stripe, but you do get a lot of other colors within the same 1/2 yard piece, giving you lots of choices when you are using this particular pattern.

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