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“Geometrics” Quilts

I bought a “lot” from a local auction site here in Poland which were remnants of someone’s business. They sent me a disproportionate amount of black and white/geometrics in my box. Instead of getting upset about (I wasn’t very thrilled!) I decided to try to make some lemonade out of what I thought of as “lemons”. I don’t generally find these fabrics super easy to use though they make absolutely amazing borders I’ve found!

I’m making a summary page of the quilts I made with this relative small amount of fabric. I am mostly going to focus on the black and white with these quilts. While you can see some gray and navy in the pile of fabrics shown, the box didn’t have a huge amount of these other pieces. As a result, I will probably just throw these other scraps in my 2” or 2.5” strips and be done with them. It was the black and white and black/white geometrics that I was dealing with here.

The pile of fabric I got in one box lot from our local auction site. I think the box was under $15 or so.

Here is the series!

#1 - Simple Rail Fence

#2 - Simple Rail Fence on Point

#3 - Simple Squares

#4 - Simple Framed Squares

#5 - Simple Framed Squares on Point

#6 Simple Drama

#7 - Simple Blocks

#8 - Simple Framed Nine Patches on Point

#9 - Simple Framed Squares on Point

#10 - Simple Frames

#11 - Simple Shadowed Blocks

#12 - Simple Shadowed Basic Blocks

#13 - Simple Shadowed Basic Blocks

# 14. Simple Long Blocks

#15 - Simple Coins

#16 - Simple Framed Nine Patches