Fabric By the Yard

Welcome to our quilt shop! Consider us your Local Quilt Shop discount bargain bin. We bring you preloved pieces of fabric at a sweet deal! Some are great quality, others have less prestigious origins, and others--well--we will never know their backstory. 
Some of the fabric may have wear, especially along the fold, as well as some stains. As much as possible, we will disclose EVERYTHING we know!


Because we can't all be bold, bright, and beautiful.


Red, White, and Blue Collection of American Fabrics

Rachael's Picks: Fabric Families

Check out complete selection of Rachael's Picks by Fabric Families


Share your Christmas cheer with these lovely Christmas and other holiday fabrics


Here is our collection of floral fabric!

Everything Else By Color

Like a Miscellaneous Drawer, only for fabric. You know there's great stuff in here, sorted by color.


Our Halloween fabric, a massive collection of fabric designed to scare the sewing machine into submission.


Here are random fabrics that are silly and fun, and maybe even weird and dumb.